NULS Teams up With Consensus Labs

NULS, a global open-source and community driven blockchain infrastructure for customizable services, has added Consensus Labs to its ecosystem. By joining the NULS principal network, Consensus Lab has initiated a chain building and cross-chain investment layout that will enable the NULS ecosystem to progress accelerated.

NULS has a modular architecture with different modules that include smart contracts, multi-chain systems, and cross-chain consensus. It is not limited to them. The platform has been designed to take easy implementation into account. The main chain with several customizable modules is used by developers as a basis. This gives developers the freedom to select their own module customization rules and to develop projects according to their capabilities.

The decentralized character of NULS consists in the development of a business model that fills the confidence gap in technology and enables users to tailor their supply chain to their needs. Easy implementation comes from the architectural design of NULS, which abstracts the developer from the complex concepts of cryptography, consensus mechanisms and storage methods, and only needs to deal with what he or she wants to construct.

Consensus Lab states that NULS has set an industries technological standard for both chain building and cross-chain capabilities as the pioneer of blockchain micro-services.

As NULS mainnet’s first capital-led node, Consensus Lab exceeds the required system standards to maintain stability and guarantee NULS mainnet safety.

Consensus Lab has rich financial strength and resources both inside and outside the industry as the leading Chinese blockchain institution. Consensus as a member of the NULS ecosystem will help build the NULS ecosystem together with its core team and the NULS community using its resources.

Trevor Holman

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