NX3 launches its MMORPG AVATARA on Klaytn blockchain

NX3 happens to be extremely excited in making their official announcement of having successfully launched their much-awaited play-to-earn (P2E) action packed MMORPG, AVATARA on the Klaytn blockchain. This will be the very first time for them to be entering the P2E gaming arena. It is done with the close association of its blockchain development platform NXIO. 

Further to allowing smooth gameplay, AVATARA is looking out for the utilization of Klaytn’s blockchain technology, in order to be able to give greater boost to a retinue of Web3 features. These would include NFT minting, along with crypto mining and token swaps. As a matter of fact, AVATARA will also be making effective use of Klaytn’s fee allocation feature for enabling convenient onboarding, in terms of the connected players with the added provision of cost-free Web3 transactions. 

In order to maximise the P2E gameplay, both NX3, as well as NXIO have reworked on the AVATARA’s in-game ecosystem, together with its framework from beginning to end. They have also incorporated Web3 features into what is a conventional and action-packed MMORPG battle area. In this scenario, players will be able to mint individualistic avatar NFTs in the form of characters, and also be in the position of teaming up with groups and taking active part in battles. Here is the possibility of them obtaining rare in-game items NFTs along with the utility token TARA. In turn, they will be able to trade with others with the help of Klaytn’s blockchain technology. Through this, players can actually own their in-game assets. 

AVATARA happens to be favouring the utilization of the in-game NOX wallet, along with Kaikas, which happens to be a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet attached to the Klaytn blockchain. This is in relation with both mobile, as well as web-based devices, which help to swap NOX and KLAY. Players also have the added option of the usage of BUSD for the buying of items or character paraphernalia with Binance Pay. 

According to the Head of Growth at Klaytn Foundation, John Cho, the team is extremely thrilled with the deliverance of a new IP from NX3. In his opinion, AVATARA happens to be playing the dual role of providing a fresh P2E exposure and at the same time, utilizing the Web3 framework in order to allow players to own their in-game assets. 

Roxanne Williams

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