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Oanda stands true to its global expansion, adds US and UK share CFDs

Oanda stands true to its global expansion, adds US and UK share CFDs

Oanda is taking its offering of CFDs to the US and UK by allowing traders to include CFDs on companies like Tesla, Vodafone, and Apple. This is a part of Oanda’s efforts to expand contracts-for-difference. Oanda already includes CFDs on European equities.

Diversification opportunities are surely present for traders and investors now. With the US and the UK equities on the board, there is a lot for them to explore and include in their portfolios.

Oanda has been on a roll amid global expansion. It is headquartered in the US with entities spread across all the major countries like Canada, Japan, the UK,

Australia, and Singapore. Founded in 1996, Oanda has been the backbone of web-based currency trading by being the first-ever company to share exchange rate data without any cost.

The development does a far better job of ensuring that retail traders are empowered enough to diversify their respective portfolios. Adding share CFDs gives traders exposure to the stocks of companies in the US and the UK. Oanda is backed by an intuitive user interface along with a list of assets available on the platform.

Any user who has access to CFDs, now US and UK equities, also has access to foreign exchange, metals, commodities, and cryptocurrency, to mention a few.

Phil Waters has commended the development by saying that the interest in CFDs has been rising across the globe in recent times, mostly because they give the opportunity to earn profit from price changes. Profits are earned through CFDs without owning any underlying asset and solely based on how the price fluctuates in the market.

Phil has added that CFDs give exposure to traders and retailers by enabling them to take a position irrespective of how the volatility factor is playing on the field. So, volatility could be high, and traders will still be able to take a position. Making this interesting is the fact that markets remain available during an upward and downward trend.

The multi-asset trading platform is known to be a leader in the segment. Its entities are present in the regions that can only be defined as some of the most active regions. Rightly so, thereby making Oanda the fastest trading platform.

What really makes Oanda suitable for beginners is the offering of educational material. It helps novice traders to understand the market and the platform so that they are aware of how to read the data and execute a trade.

A total of six tools are offered by Oanda to its traders. These are volatility graphs, candlestick patterns, correlation tables, market trading hours, currency strength heatmap, and official economic figures.

Oanda supports trading functions with an algorithmic trading mechanism. It almost automates the execution of the trading function provided the best profitable opportunity comes across. However, known to be highly intelligible, the algorithmic trading mechanisms can be deployed by beginners and daily traders to ease the burden from their shoulders.

The Global Markets division now houses share CFDs of the US and the UK. Oanda is expected to onboard more traders and investors in the days to come.

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