OAS Chain Inks Partnership With Futurepia to Use PASTA Protocol

OASChain has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Futurepia. With this partnership, OASChain will get access to use Futurepia’s PASTA Protocol technology for its blockchain services.

PIA Alliance Standard Token Agreement or PASTA can be defined as a technical protocol that is primarily used for all smart contracts on the Futurepia blockchain in a similar manner as ERC-20 of Ethereum. It has been created for the implementation of a token.

PASTA Protocol technology showcases some stunning features that allow users to use various DApps with just one ID. Users can also send particular tokens to various other places, exchange coins and tokens in just a single wallet by using a reliable and secure mode.

Futurepia has emerged as a leading open-source, public blockchain company that extends its services to organizations, businesses, and start-ups to shift to blockchain. The company offers developers user-friendly solutions through the PASTA Protocol technology.

NBIT and OAS Chain:

NBIT is a popular blockchain and IoT security company. Leading blockchain professionals from renowned universities like Harvard, SNU, and KAIST laid the foundation of NBIT. NBIT established its headquarters in 2018 in Dubai, UAE. The main goal of NBIT is to accomplish blockchain renaissance for the 4th Industrial Revolution. It strives to create an entire blockchain and IoT security platform with clear vision of IoT security and safe blockchain payments.

NBIT founded OAS Blockchain Renaissance Project with the goal of sorting out the security problems of current blockchains. OAS Blockchain Renaissance Project has been divided into three main categories given below:

Secure blockchain hosting service: The main aim of this service is to keep blockchain users’ coins safe by firmly overruling valid transactions that were made as a result of hacking.

IoT security gateway: This feature permits real-time network traffic tracking and hostile data filtering without having to install any other software to IoT devices.

Public blockchain secure payment service: This service offers the first private blockchain hosting server in countries like Europe, Korea, Japan, and the USA. The service ensures the privacy and integrity of blockchains even in server hacking scenarios.

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