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Oasys expands in Japan with SBINFT market integration


Oasys, a Blockchain platform focused on gaming, has just announced a milestone development from its partnership with SBINFT Market, a central NFT marketplace. The Tokyo branch of SBINFT Corporation, an established member of the SBI Group, which provides financial services, handles the management of this marketplace. With this announcement of its partnership, Oasys has taken an essential step in building up its market share in the vast Japanese market.

The last integration looks beyond the first one, Oasys” HOME Verse, and now moves to the platform of Hub Layer (L1) and the MCH Verse (L2). This development gives the developers and companies that are using these upper-tier Blockchain layers of Oasys a chance to offer NFTs for sale through a reliable (website) operated by SBINFT Corporation. Despite that, the company will maintain strict rules to keep it away from non-approved artists and content providers. Only the NFTs of approved artists will be featured on the platform.

Such increased professional support provides for a scenario where Oasys’s Hub-Layer can be showcased with its own NFT project called OASYX. Also, games from MCH Verse like “My Crypto Heroes” and “Chain Colosseum Phoenix” may be considered to be included in the SBINFT Market if they meet the strict criteria set for Market inclusion given by the SBINFT Corporation.

In 2021, the SBINFT Market was the top NFT marketplace in Japan since it was launched. This online platform includes a variety of NFTs, from digital art to music, photos, game items, and even tickets. Doing this makes the process of doing these more straightforward through its user-friendly interface. 

Unlike other sites, which only offer cryptocurrency as a payment option, SBINFT Market accepts credit cards for payments as well. This advantage has made it easier for users to get into the growing trend of investing in NFTs and has created more access to people from a bigger group.

Daiki Moriyama, who is the Director of Oasys, said with joy that he is highly grateful to SBINFT Market, and it is helping us to yield better results by possessing Hub-Layer and MCH Verse. This support facilitates the prevailing chances of success in areas such as profitability and participation in the Blockchain gaming sector. He furthermore stressed the aspect of exploring the Japanese market, which is that the country is more renowned for its innovation. He emphasized the need to be more potent in Japan and introduced this intriguing market Blockchain solution, which is explicitly made about gaming.

The SBINFT Market, the first public and government-regulated platform in Japan for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), is the SBINFT Market. It has been regarded mainly for its seriousness in complying with regulations and security for users, therefore becoming a benchmark for other businesses in the field. Through this partnership, Oasys’s position in Japan is strengthened, and the accessibility to Blockchain gaming is increased, therefore providing a better user experience and more creative possibilities.

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