Oasys forms a collaboration with SHINSEKAI Technologies

Oasys inks a deal with SHINSEKAI Technologies, a business that is building and running an array of community-oriented services under MURA. Through the Oasys Dragon Update mission propelled by Oasys in 2024, builders who accept Oasys will come in for connectivity with a unique community-backed deal to remain encouraging blockchain games about users and activate the gaming space. Through The tie-up with SHINSEKAI Technologies and the utilization of its MURA solutions, it will be possible for Oastys to create more exciting content in Japan.

As per the company’s plans, Oasys has exhibited a vehement desire to onboard fresh blockchain game users and involve the wider gaming community. Through building robust communities on sought-after platforms such as Discord and X, SHINSEKAI is heading towards improving involvement factors, which need special abilities in opening avenues for communication.

With the help of the tie-up, blockchain gaming projects that accept Oasys will be provided the option of utilizing an exclusive community-backed deal. SHINSEKAI, on its part, will be backing community help and control in the Oasys ecosystem. SHINSEKAI has plenty of exposure in creating and backing the running of gaming communities utilizing Discord, X, and Telegram.

Oasys has backed the growth of the gaming community in its ecosystem via sponsorships for businesses such as Pacific Meta and the Japan Blockchain Game Summit. The company will continue to encourage the creation of superior content. SHINSEKAI Technologies has curated MURA, an array of community-oriented solutions via its individualistic community concepts.

Oasys is a blockchain project focusing on games, with an idea surrounding blockchain for games. Its first authenticators comprise prime gaming and Web3 businesses. It has taught a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm. It has done away with transaction fees for BCG users and is working on accelerating transaction processing time.

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