Oasys welcomes Yooldo Verse and Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz

Oasys has an environmentally friendly blockchain that is EVM compatible and supported by the proof-of-stake mechanism. Since Yooldo Verse and Trouble Punk: Cyber Galz announced their joining the team to deliver the finest user experience, these two components have successfully supported its gaming ecosystem.

In addition, appealing incentives are available to the community in the form of an award and content.

Oasys announced the update through an official blog post, wherein it highlighted that the blockchain would be heavily utilized for the development and launch of the new Oasys Layer 2. It aims to construct a gaming ecosystem that is sustainable enough to offer growth opportunities to players and contributors to the ecosystem.

Elements likely to be included in the new ecosystem are user experience, game content, and game rewards, all of which are attractive. Trouble Punk is the first game in the ecosystem. It has been rewarded with several titles, including, but not limited to, Best Graphics, Best Arts in Global Games Pitch, and the top spot in Game Content Pitch by GDBAY.

What really drives the growth of the game is its team of expert blockchain developers plus a recession-proof internal economy.

Yooldo has issued a statement talking about joining the Oasys team. The statement says both share a common vision of creating a sustainable and user-friendly gaming ecosystem on a blockchain. Yooldo has added that players will have a fantastic experience while enjoying the content and earning incentives, calling the launch the beginning of the milestone.

A few pieces of information dropped by Oasys on its blog post are making this announcement more interesting, according to which the second closed beta test starts on February 28, 2023. Oasys will run it for a week, and more information will be released soon.

Osys focuses on maintaining the blockchain specifically for gamers and developers who have faced problems in the past with other blockchains. The trifecta approach and scalable network make it the fastest network and the top choice for developers, respectively. It is the fast execution of transactions and free gas fees that ultimately go on to give the best user experience, encouraging participants to enter and play at Oasys.

Crypto games are indeed gaining traction. Players are at liberty to own in-game elements and leverage their crypto holdings. They operate on the blockchain and enable players to connect their digital wallets to trade their digital holdings seamlessly.

There are various advantages to crypto gaming, like anonymity, security, and bonuses. Read more about the advantages of crypto games. They have cons too, but the pros appear to outweigh them for good.

Oasys’ acceptance of Yooldo Verse and its debut game is an amazing development for the ecosystem and has the potential to set a precedent that other developers may choose to follow.

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