Octa’s 2023: A year of remarkable milestones and progress

Founded in 2011, Octa, an online brokerage platform, has come a long way to serve its customers across the globe. According to reports, it has 42 million trading accounts active in 180 countries. The international broker is on the way to achieving higher milestones based on what it has done in 2023. Meaning, it has earned reputed awards and has done some amazing work that is now setting the tone for a brighter 2024.

Octa’s 2023 can be best summarized by saying that it did not just grow in terms of the number of trading accounts but also in terms of global recognition to strengthen its position in the markets.

From OctaFX to Octa

That is a journey that loyal community members of Octa keep highlighting. The management’s goal of expanding the range of its offerings is what motivates this. Octa was formerly known as OctaFX; however, the suffix FX had started restricting how it reached out to clients. Most of them assumed that only foreign exchange was offered as a service.

Plus, the needs of existing customers were expanding constantly. There was a dire need to meet and demonstrate commitment to fulfilling those needs. Hence, dropping FX sounded like a more sane solution.

After the announcement in September 2023, there was a significant media campaign in support of it. The campaign carried the tagline Trading made clear and majorly covered the aspects of raising awareness around the low accessibility to trade in the financial market. Needless to say, Octa’s milestones for 2023 were not hampered at any moment during this transition. They continued to grow as the international broker continued to surpass them in a phased manner.

The customers’ perception underwent a transformation as the refined title became more in line with its mission. Octa indeed encompasses the trading of additional products, including commodities and securities. This is clear now that FX has been removed from the title. According to a representative of Octa, the realm of finance ought not to be perplexing. Furthermore, this prompted them to undertake the endeavor of rebranding the enterprise.

The press office of Octa has said that they don’t mind taking the principles of clarity into 2024.

Awards and Recognitions of 2023

Octa has won a lot of awards in 2023. They are a testament to the efforts that the global broker has invested in over the last decade.

  • Fastest Withdrawal Broker Singapore
  • Most Secure Trading Platform
  • Brazil’s Most Trusted Brokers 2023
  • Best Forex Brokers South Africa
  • Best Forex Brokers in the Philippines 2023

…among others.

Two awards that stand out on the list are Best Forex Broker 2023 and Most Reliable Broker Asia 2023. These represent global recognition, crowned by AllForexRating.com and Holiston Media, respectively. Winners in both categories were determined through public voting. This included traders and industry experts from all over the world.

Octa’s year 2023 is further fueled by the launch of OctaTrader, a platform that is available for mobile users. It has a multilingual UI and crucial functionalities like technical analysis tools and market indicators. Octa has committed to all the communities in the regions where it operates. It has said that it will enhance activities under the umbrella of CSR activities aimed at addressing energy needs and educational opportunities.


Moving forward, Octa intends to bolster the educational resources and develop analytical hubs for clients and potential clients. Two crucial global awards to its name showcase that it stands in the top ranks of the industry. Changing its name to Octa, honoring the diversification needs of customers, highlights how committed Octa is to serving its community.

Octa will continue pursuing efforts to make trade accessible to all and to offer a simple way to learn to trade. It will leverage the vast pool of educational resources in 2024 to offer webinars and other learning methods.

Octa has earned over 60 awards since its inception. More could be on the panel if the global broker continues serving customers and expanding its services list.

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