Oddblox Integrates Chainlink VRF on BNB Chain Mainnet

Oddblox published a blog post to announce that it has integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function, also known as VRF. The integration has been concluded on the BNB mainnet. Through the integration, Oddblox has gained access to a secure source of randomness, which will assist in random Oddblox NFT mints.

The integration will additionally enable the delivery of fair outcomes in the giveaways. In other words, the users will have fraud-proof, exciting, and transparent experiences on the platform. Users benefit from the integration of Oddblox and Chainlink VRF also because it ensures a fair distribution of rarity traits.


Chainlink is known as the industry standard when it comes to Oracle services. It specializes in building, accessing, and selling these services. 

Oracle services provided by Chainlink help power the hybrid smart contracts on every blockchain. The smart contracts, in return, can be connected to any external API as per the preference of the user.

Users are able to leverage off-chain computations that are secured and help to enable applications filled with productive features. Chainlink secures billions of dollars through major industries including, but not limited to, gaming, insurance, and DeFi.

Oddblox consists of 4906 experimental pieces. It is basically an on-chain generative art series where every piece is open for the viewer’s interpretation. 

Pieces are assembled on mint by using different shapes and color palettes. This is followed by creating an image through encoding and storing it in a token. Users, technically, own the entire art when they own a token.

Oddblox x Chainlink VRF

Both parties to the integration complete one another. Oddblox, in its blog post, said that the team opted to integrate with Chainlink VRF because of its cutting-edge technology based on academic research. Chainlink VRF’s time-tested oracle network also spoke volumes in their favor.

The oracle network of Chainlink VRF is secured by way of generation and on-chain verification of cryptographic proofs. These are also responsible for the integrity of every random number that is supplied to smart contracts.

Chainlink VRF has been credited by Oddblox for generating a verifiable random hash that later serves as DNA for every piece that is minted by the team.

Oddblox chose Chainlink VRF also because it is known for industry-leading security solutions, giving the team peace of mind that no hostile element would be able to alter the results.

The functioning of Chainlink VRF is pretty simple. It combines block data to generate a random number and a cryptography proof. The random number generated is accepted if it has cryptographic proof that holds true validity in nature.

Users, therefore, get publicly verifiable assurance that every Oddblox NFT that has been minted is probably fair, free from being tempered by another hostile element.

Oddblox team expressed its excitement by stating that its users would now have the assurance of randomness behind their genesis series and unbiased giveaways.

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