ODDZ LP Staking Program to Launch on DeFi Wizard

Oddz, the trustless on-chain trading platform, recently announced joining DeFi Wizard. The platform will be launching its Staking Program ODDZ LP on DeFi Wizard. It will allow users to lock their ODDZ-BNB CAKE LP coins to earn esteemed APY (annual percentage yield) in their wallets.

DeFi Wizard is a renowned dashboard for creating decentralized finance-based smart contracts quickly. The dashboard offers real-time programming insights and analytics. It also allows users to develop smart contacts for:

  • BEP20/EDST/ERC20
  • Governance
  • Staking
  • Cross-chain bridges with no gas
  • On-chain trading fee
  • Yield Farming

DeFi Wizard offers a specific section to stake the tokens and help users get premium incentives. The integration will produce more liquidity providers adding liquidity to the ODDZ-BNB liquidity pool and earn liquidity provider (LP) tokens. The tokens earned can be staked on DeFi Wizard to get more rewards in the form of APY.

The APY rate will depend on the amount staked and the number of stakers. DeFi Wizard has also released a full-fledged guide to teach users how to acquire LP tokens by adding liquidity to the ODDZ-BND liquidity pool.

When will the Staking Program Go Live?

The Staking Program will go live on 6 June 2021 at 2:00 PM (UTC). Interested users can reach DeFi Wizard’s official website. The APY rates can also be accessed on the site alongside the liquidity provider token balance and returns. DeFi Wizard offers an esteemed dashboard to showcase the details, making it easier for users to navigate through it.

Why will Oddz Play a Crucial Role in the DeFi Sector?

The trustless on-chain trading platform can provide options contracts, futures, and conditional trades. It can also be used to expedite the execution of calls for the same. The platform allows the development, execution, settlement, and maintenance of future contracts, conditional tokens, and trustless open contracts.

Using Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and Ethereum, Oddz offers the ultimate one-stop solution to users. With the latest Staking Program reveal, the platform is set to establish a name in the decentralized derivatives market. 

Oddz emphasizes developing solutions to leverage the DeFi ecosystem, allowing users to experience a simple trading experience. With such perks, it is obvious to state that Oddz will be a major player in the DeFi sector.

Oddz, the popular trustless trading platform, recently announced its Staking Program. The program will be launched on DeFi Wizard, allowing users to stake their ODDZ-BNB CAKE LP coins to earn APY (annual percentage yield). The staking program will go live on 6 June 2021, and the community is welcoming it with open arms. Joining DeFi Wizard will help Oddz garner valuable market prestige, making it one of the most valued DeFi-related projects on the web.

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