Offchain Labs announces partnership with Espresso System

Offchain Labs has announced a partnership with Espresso Systems. The objective is to bring sequencing technology to Ethereum roll-ups, provided they meet the nature of being open-source and decentralized. The partnership is based on the assumption that a total of three elements will be integrated. These include Timeboost ordering, the Arbitrum technology stack, and the Espresso Sequencer.

What brings Offchain Labs and Espresso System together is their mutual mission of having a decentralized future of shared transaction sequencing that is undertaken with the end-user in mind. Offchain Labs is bringing together its potential to undertake research and development. It will also support Espresso System in its endeavors to build the implementation of Timeboost.

The vision will center around the implementation being production-ready and distributed while also inculcating the open-source element.

Timeboost is a builder-level policy that is being studied by the research team at Offchain Labs. As a modification of the first-come, first-served model, it introduces a feature where transactions can become eligible for a time boost after settling a small fee. Timeboost pertains to the section on ordering, and its fee has been defined as a priority fee.

Espresso Sequencer supports proposer-builder separation. This means that many policies can be implemented at the builder level. Some of the examples are rebate protocols and MEV auctions. PBS is ideal as the default choice unless builders opt for an alternative.

Timeboost is imperative because it prevents harmful forms of MEV without compromising on the aspect of the ability to internalize harm. MEV attacks prevent users from experiencing the best features. Hence, their prevention is what they aim to ensure that users can get the best experience without having to worry about MEV attacks and their consequences.

Espresso Sequencer is likely to have an open and neutral protocol. It will interoperate with all Ethereum roll-ups. The first in line for integration is the Arbitrum technology stack. This will introduce support for the native technology, which chooses to leverage features like Timeboost ordering.

Moving forward, Offchain Labs and Espresso System are working to share a draft roadmap. It will specifically deal with their research and development work. Also, Timeboost ordering will span across other networks. Meaning, it will not be simply restricted to Arbitrum chains. The open-sourced and production-ready solution will be integrated with other networks as well.

The task aligns with the mission of advancing interoperability and security beyond the native ecosystem. It is likely to make them more interconnected and robust.

The development follows the introduction of Stylus. It dates back to the early days of 2023; however, the next-generation programming environment remains relevant as it demonstrates what Offchain Labs is capable of. It allows users to deploy their programs in their preferred programming languages.

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