Offchain Labs announces the launch of Arbitrum BOLD Testnet

Offchain Labs is ecstatic to announce the launch of a technological revolution: the Arbitrum Bold testnet is now operational. Arbitrum Bold, which is powered by fraud-proof systems for rollups, will be the dispute resolution mechanism of the future years. It represents an additional achievement in the validation of the Arbitrum blockchain, which is fortified with fraud-resistant mechanisms. 

Innovative technologists at Arbitrum are enthusiastic about developing a completely secure dispute resolution ecosystem for the platform. Arbitrum is committed to effectiveness, scalability, and safety. The technical staff at Offchain Labs ensures that BOLD undergoes rigorous testing, resulting in a design that is ultimately robust.

BOLD-enabled public testnets confirm claims to Ethereum Sepolia, the Ethereum testnet. It is a cutting-edge dispute resolution process, and a proposal is pending to activate BOLD on Arbitrum Sepolia. 

Permissionless validation is an essential component for both decentralization and Arbitrum. On Ethereum, permissionless validation enables any user to validate assertions regarding the state of Arbitrum. Withdrawals to Ethereum via Arbitrum are verifiable by any entity in the universe, ensuring that the ledger is always accurate.

BOLD obviates the need for a permission validator roll, which is customary for Arbitrum validators. The process of validation democratization resulted in enhanced network security and flexibility. The democratization of validation in BOLD contributes to the system’s decentralization and adaptability. 

Customized for the Arbitrum community, BOLD provides permissionless validation, enhanced security, funding for collective challenges, and mathematical foundations. These are among its most valuable features. BOLD’s permissionless validation feature, which was developed exclusively for the Arbitrum community, enables participants to administer their own validator nodes and contribute to the consensus process.

In addition to safeguarding the network, BOLD verifies Ethereum withdrawals. Offchain Labs has extensive experience configuring interactive protocols and is a leader in the industry in the development of a new Arbitrum system. 

Pooled funding is a remarkable feature of BOLD that enables any user to create a smart contract for the purpose of aggregating funds. The utilization of pooled funding functionality in BOLD has made it feasible to safeguard Arbitrum against invalid claims and to confront such claims. 

Offchain Labs’ research team has established formal safety assurances for BOLD subsequent to a year-long period of rigorous development procedures. Trail of Bits performs a rigorous audit examination of smart contracts in the BOLD, and this new development highlights the necessity for decentralization and total security enhancements. 

The introduction of BOLD signifies the initial and critical stride towards mainnet readiness, and it is endowed with enormous and prodigious potential. On April 18, 2024, they will host a question-and-answer session at which BOLD’s creative spirits, including Senior Software Engineer Raul Jordan, Research Scientist Mario Alvarez, Smart Contract Engineer Daniel Goldman, and Principal Research Scientist Victor Shoup, will respond to inquiries. 

Undoubtedly, the BOLD is a crucial component in the direction of permissionless verification and a significant level of decentralization on Arbitrum. Offchain Labs will initiate and conduct voting on a proposition for the activation of BOLD on Arbitrum Sepolia. 

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