Oh Baby Games boosts the initial release with a $6 million seed round

Oh Baby Games has announced raising $6 million through a seed fundraising round that was co-led by eGirl Capital and Synergis Capital. The news comes ahead of the launch of its first kart title, What The Kart. Other participants included Merit Circle DAO, gmjp, Kevin Lin, Santiago Santos, and Serkan Toto.

Oh Baby Games has announced that What The Kart is an innovative spin on the kart genre. The release highlights that despite the importance of innovation to the development of kart games, it has remained uncommon in the genre. Oh Baby Games advances kart games by using Crypto Twitter (CT) characters and features that will keep gamers engaged with the content.

New features include a garage with a facility that allows players to customize and display their karts, engage in ghost battles with other players, and collect bounties made by other players.

Moreover, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on tracks so that each one tells a different story. Diverse gaming communities are being brought together by streamers. The founder of Oh Baby Games, Pas Tran, feels that equipment should be relevant, allowing players to modify their karts in the garage.

Pas Tran has expressed their love for CT by saying that there is endless lore and stories being narrated in the virtual world. Pas has also said that he likes CT because it has a dedicated community that makes the best content, characters, and stories in the segment.

What The Kart will see more games follow the title to the market. After What The Kart was successfully released, Oh Baby Games has plans to release Rugpull Guys and Platform Fighter. In 2023 alone, all three games will become commercially available. Veterans from the sector have teamed up for a collaborative effort with the sole goal of developing these games.

The team has developed some of the most popular and viral games, including the Call of Duty franchise, Age of Empires II, Crazy Fishing VR, Adventure Pals, and Castle Crashers, among others. Even though not every game has been a commercial success, the vast majority have gone viral in the communities, with players devoting countless hours to interacting with the veteran team’s gaming content.

Oh Baby Games is currently open to accepting Alpha Testers, participants who engage in the alpha release and give feedback for improvements. What makes the ecosystem of Oh Baby Games amazing is the element of Cross Game Collectibles. It enables players to leverage their assets from multiple games and unlock new powers. They can also log in through email or their wallet instead of relying only on a single login source.

Oh Baby Games is a gaming universe that has just accelerated its growth for 2023 through a $6 million seed round.

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