Oikos to Enable End-to-End Decentralized Reward Distribution via Chainlink Keepers

Chainlink Keeper comes to the assistance when a client seeks to avail of smart contract options in a trust minimized manner, which is decentralized. Maintenance tasks for the Chainlink Keeper network relate to Liquidating and Harvesting, among many others.

Another way to look at Chainlink Keeper is the network waking up the economically incentivized automation bot at the time when there is a requirement to perform on-chain functions, which are characterized as critical.

Chainlink is a standard in the industry when it comes to oracle services. The network excels in offering access to its oracle services to power hybrid smart contracts on a blockchain. The offerings include building, granting access, and selling oracle services.

The major industries rely on Chainlink when it comes to the security of billions of dollars. Likes include DeFi, gaming, and insurance industries. Chainlink offers a universal gateway to every blockchain to all the global enterprises.

Oikos leads the market to create mirrored assets, giving exposure to external assets while allowing for tracking prices of real-world assets. Support extends to complex products as well. For instance, Oikos supports options and futures.

The protocol bridges the gap between the traditional financial industry and the emerging crypto industry. Oikos functions with a mission to fulfill the untapped potential of mirrored assets which are more significant in number.

Oikos has integrated Chainlink Keepers to gain access to smart contract automation service. The integration will enable Oikos to achieve complete decentralization over the network. Specifically speaking, the services of Chainlink Keepers will help automate fee period closures, recharge of LP rewards contracts, and inflationary supply minting.

Integration of Oikos and Chainlink Keepers is live on BNB Chain Mainnet.

A lot of options were reviewed by the team behind Oikos. Chainlink Keepers came out as a clear winner because the automation service is operated by the pool of node operators who have been time-tested for their reliability and security. They have experience securing billions of dollars, especially during high network congestion and high volatility.

Chainlink Keepers comes with a bundle of features that add extra pounds when reviewing the options in the market.

Risk mitigation is a priority for Chainlink Keepers, ensuring that there is not a single point of failure. Since automation is the core of its functions, manual operations and intricacies surrounding manual operations are eliminated.

Development teams have reported considerable savings in time as they can better streamline their respective workflows. Additionally, Chainlink Keepers minimizes operational overhead.

The network is more than secured, courtesy of the requirement of the on-chain self-sign of transactions. These allow smart contracts to be executed without exposing private keys. A lot of costs are also lowered when Chainlink Keepers is integrated with a network, allowing the development of decentralized applications filled with features.

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