OKcontract joins the Sandbox for Metaverse Assets!

The Sandbox, a leading decentralized virtual world with over 400 global partners, initiated its Partners Day event in Singapore on June 27, showcasing its expanding Singapore ecosystem. Introducing the Lion City, a neighborhood of 512 virtual LANDs within The Sandbox metaverse, the event saw the participation of over 30 partners, including DBS Bank, MM2 Asia, ONE Championship, and the Mighty Jaxx Group.

One of the notable additions to The Sandbox’s Singapore ecosystem was OKcontract, a new Ecosystem Partner based in Singapore. OKcontract demonstrated its widgets, designed to simplify the distribution of metaverse assets and enhance user interfaces within the Web3 native environment. This collaboration aims to equip brands and agencies building experiences in The Sandbox’s metaverse with efficient tools for asset distribution on both Web3 and Web2 channels.

The showcased OKcontract widgets offer a dynamic solution for partners, enabling the seamless integration of NFT minting functionalities into landing pages. By copying and pasting the widget’s HTML code, brands, and games can transform their landing pages into Web3 native channels, allowing users to directly mint and acquire metaverse NFTs. This not only simplifies the NFT acquisition process but also serves as a promotional tool, enhancing user engagement and immersion in the metaverse.

To utilize the OKcontract widgets, creators must establish an NFT collection and whitelist their minting smart contract on the OKcontract platform. They can then customize their widget, add a display image and description, and choose theme colors. Once generated, the HTML code seamlessly integrates into the landing page, empowering users to interact with the smart contract, mint NFTs, and authorize transactions through their Web3 wallets. The newly minted NFTs will appear in the users’ NFT portfolios on platforms like OpenSea.

The Lion City Partner Day event organized by The Sandbox provided an interactive platform for diverse industry partners to connect with the Web3 ecosystem, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights into the metaverse’s potential. As The Sandbox continues to foster Web3 possibilities in Southeast Asia, the Lion City serves as an exciting launchpad for this innovative technology.

Expressing enthusiasm as an ecosystem partner, OKcontract is dedicated to supporting The Sandbox’s vision and assisting other partners in effortlessly creating Web3 native transactional interfaces, distributing game assets on landing pages, and facilitating user onboarding to the metaverse.

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