OKX announced its merger with ALIENX

OKX has announced that it has merged with ALIENX, expressing excitement since it enables its users to use the native wallet and earn points on the high-performance L3 EVM-compatible network. Points can be earned by using ETH, BTC, ARB, and NFTs, which are non-fungible tokens. ALIENX has confirmed the announcement by sharing the post on X, stating that the merger will soon enable them to earn points via OKX.

The advancement pertains to ALIENX and occurs subsequent to the achievement of minting 10,000 AEP. The participants who participated in the ALIENX Explorer Pass Free Drop have successfully reached the milestone. In the early days of March 2024, the announcement was made alongside the introduction of ALIENX as the sole L3 staking token that can be obtained with particular tokens.

Their operations receive financial support from firms such as OKX Ventures and C2 Ventures. ALIENX has obtained $5 million in funding to add to the $12 million previously raised by the team. ALIENX distinguishes itself in the market by providing autonomous network reward accumulation. They only need to establish a connection to the native staking network that is compatible with EVM.

The network has reserved at least 60% of community airdrops and node rewards for the builders and users of the ecosystem. The network is practically open for everyone to participate and earn rewards.

As for OKX, it recently announced the transformation of Ordinals Market to Inscription Market, enabling users to trade BRC-20, Ordinals, and ARC-20, to mention a few. It contributes to another upgrade by OKX, wherein users can create multiple accounts and use multiple senders on the wallet. However, there is a limit to the number of accounts that OKX supports; the number comes to a hundred with only a single click.

Users are, therefore, empowered to execute multiple transactions on the extension wallet in a single go. The feature can be accessed by upgrading the mobile application and OKX browser extensions.

OKX has also successfully eliminated the need to have a centralized intermediary during the exchange of one crypto for another. Atomic swaps make it happen without including a centralized intermediary through cryptographic protocols and smart contracts.

That said, the ALIENX Explorer Pass on the network comes with a limited supply of 10,000, out of which, per the last report, 2,576 have been minted. It is a free coin hosted by Arbitrum. It has been defined as the first bridge pass series that connects ALIENX network and the AlienSwap community. Benefits also include beta access to ALIENX, Early Bird Identity, and staking rewards.

The only condition is that community users must have a cumulative trading volume of a minimum of 3-5 ETH on the Arbitrum and Ethereum networks.

Circling back to ALIENX and OKX Web3 Wallet, the merger brings users a chance to leverage their OKX wallet’s potential and earn rewards by using ETH, BTC, ARB, and non-fungible tokens.

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