OKX Chain adds Meson Network as infrastructure network partner

OKC, or OKX Chain, has added a substantial benefit to Web3-based projects. The L1 based on Cosmos has formed a partnership with Meson Network, which will now serve as its infrastructure network partner. Through the integration, the Web3 projects will be able to transmit their data through a completely decentralized network.

Meson Network and OKX Chain integration allows for less reliance on a centralized CDN. OKX Chain-based Web 3.0 initiatives will have access to the dCDN acceleration services provided by Meson Network.

Projects and their developers will be able to decrease the risk associated with relying on centralized CDN, which has gone through a tough patch in recent years.

Multiple decentralized apps, like DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs, utilize a centralized CDN purchased from a traditional vendor. In 2022, however, AWS, Cloudflare, and other service providers experienced downtime. This highlighted the question of whether depending solely on a centralized CDN was prudent. Moreover, dApps consume a lot of bandwidth every month. Realizing that the efforts are all for nothing during the downtime, it is better to have a backup for just-in-case scenarios.

The arrangement of Meson Network’s mechanism is quite interesting. The network’s infrastructure consists of fully distributed cloud servers and family-owned bandwidth. Together, they will guarantee stability for the running of dApps even if a single CDN fails at any time. Meson’s back-to-back technique will randomly cache the data to be broadcast to numerous nodes and will work in tandem.

OKX Chain’s Ecosystem Development Lead, Lin, believes that adding Meson Network is another step towards decentralizing its offering. Content created on-chain is able to be accelerated via the centralized CDN of the Meson Network.

Meson Network is moving forward with its OKC launch, which is scheduled for next year. Multiple parties are collaborating to expedite the deployment of decentralized networks that will be utilized throughout the Web3 ecosystem.

OKC has been built on Cosmos with a core focus on true interoperability to maximize performance. It provides Web3 developers with significant scalability, allowing them to proceed with their separate projects at minimal gas costs. OKC provides a smooth experience for not only developers but also users within the ecosystem.

The announcement for the integration was made by Meson Network through an official blog post, where it highlighted that the network will continue building a decentralized bandwidth marketplace for Web3.

Centralized CDN has existed for a long time, but recent incidents indicate that there is a need to look beyond the options that exist right now. Meson Network plans to support the upcoming dApps in Web3 by mitigating the risk of over-relying on centralized CDN. It, therefore, looks to act as the foundation of data transmission for decentralized storage.

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