OKX Ventures collaborates with 0xScope

OKX Ventures is pleased to announce that it has forged an exclusive collaboration with 0xScope, which is a data intelligence platform providing a knowledge graph protocol dedicated to Web2 and Web3 data.

The data-centric requirements of Web3 VC firms, Layer 1 and Layer 2 ecosystems, blockchain protocols, and developers, trading firms are met by 0xScope’s suite of SaaS products. Scopescan, a blockchain analytics and investigation platform, is one of the company’s most prominent offerings.

This is enhanced by the knowledge graph of 0xScope. Scopescan allows traders to keep track of and investigate more than 84 million on-chain projects, 600,000 tokens, 1.4 million address identification labels, 5 million address behavior labels, and 17 million exchange deposits, and withdrawal address labels.

According to the founder of OKX Ventures, Dora Yue, data is significant for cross-chain incorporation, decentralized storage, and privacy computing. With the utilization of knowledge graph technology, 0xScope has been able to make improvements on all three factors. Its calculated usage of clear transactional data and outside-owned account wallets allows clients to collect information related to raw on-chain data. In the company’s opinion, they are pleased to back 0xScope as it gets ready to introduce fresh features in the 4th quarter of 2023. 

The funding from OKX Ventures will help bring about 0xScope’s vision of making Web3 connectivity more accessible and decentralized. 0xScope aims to build an all-encompassing, open-source environment for seamless Web2 and Web3 data transfer, authentication, processing, and download.

Of late, OKX Ventures came out with a $1 million investment to be made in Moonbox, which is an AI technology and Web3-oriented startup in Hong Kong, along with Shutter Network, which is an open-source project that intends to stop harmful MEVs on Ethereum.

OKX Ventures is the investment wing of OKX, which is the second-biggest & safest crypto exchange. It started off with capital to the tune of $100 million. The company is involved in exploring prospective blockchain projects internationally and supports new-age technology innovation.


0xScope has its goal set on democratizing and decentralizing connectivity with Web2 and Web3 data. They have delivered a one-of-a-kind potential to track all connected addresses of an owner. This provides them the option of being able to track user behavior throughout various addresses and chains, which in turn gives them an insight into all-inclusive user activity.

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