OKX Ventures invests in first 3D location-based game L3E7

OKX Ventures, the off-shoot of OKX, a famous cryptocurrency exchange, and Web3 technology company, has disclosed its financing for the non-publicly-traded L3E7 company. L3E7 – a creative 3D game that works with the higher-level location-based services technologies (LBS). The company recently raised $10 million via successful fundraising with the support of the Spartan Group and SevenX Ventures.

L3E7 has earned its reputation in gaming by integrating cutting-edge technology that enables it to construct 3d versions of Earth’s urban spaces with an added cyberpunk flavor. This novel testing method attracted a substantial audience, involving tens of thousands of creators. The collaboration L3E7 has with OKX Ventures enables it to extend its horizons for game development, gain meaningful headway in the surging Web3 field, and capitalize on the growing demand for location-based games.

In addition to concentrating on game development, the investment will ensure that L3E7 improves its brand recognition and paves the way for potential partnerships in offline business and intellectual property growth. An influx of financial and industrial support will also occur, which is expected to boost the strength of the E7 within the market significantly.

Dora Yue, the founder of OKX Ventures, expressed excitement about this collaboration, adding, “We are proud to have L3E7 in the same venture as us.” Their unique strategy of the combination of both Web2 and Web3 worlds and establishing a broad theme that is the content representative of the virtual and real world at the same time indicates an excellent example of the pioneering gaming investments and OKX Ventures’s conviction that frontier of gaming and blockchain is without boundaries.

Backed by OKX Ventures, the L3E7 company will be able to strengthen its presence in the global gaming space. The company’s mission revolves around engaging and immersing viewers from all around the globe, including but not limited to North America, Asia, and Europe. This partnership marks only the beginning of integrating blockchain technologies into conventional gaming models and is followed by other recent achievements in the field.

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