OKX Wallets are now compatible with the FMEX Football Metaverse

FMEX Football Metaverse took to Twitter to announce its collaboration with OKX Wallet. According to the collaboration, users on the FMEX Football Metaverse can now connect their OKX Wallets to explore the ecosystem of the football metaverse.

The agreement also enables customers to conduct crypto transactions using an OKX Wallet, which is an additional advantage.

OKX Wallet is a portal to Web3. It functions to expand its reach to the NFT world and decentralized applications while acting as a perfect wallet for cryptocurrency. While there are several cryptocurrency wallets on the market, OKX Wallet distinguishes itself by supporting Web3-centric applications of the next generation.

A new user can get started with OKX Wallet in two easy steps. First, they must install a browser extension, and then connect an existing wallet. If a new user does not have a wallet, he or she can create one before continuing with the installation of the OKX wallet through the browser extension. Another way is to download OKX’s mobile application and follow the self-explanatory instructions.

OKX, despite appearing to be a standard cryptocurrency exchange platform, is laden with innovative trading services enabled by blockchain technology. More than one hundred digital tokens and trading pairs are listed on the platform. OKX operates in approximately 100 countries and provides spot, margin, options, futures, and perpetual swap trading in addition to mining services.

OKX was founded with the goal of breaking down any and all financial barriers and making the world a better place. OKX’s development team is always looking for new ways to innovate and provide a better experience for users. 

The project seeks to provide football fans with the ultimate NFT and GameFi experience. The first team to appear on the platform is Borussia Dortmund. The FMEX Football Metaverse has named Michael Owen and Wesley Sneijder as its official ambassadors.

There are a total of six rarity categories, namely Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Secret Rare. Elements that differentiate one NFT from another NFT are the card frame, character, frame ornament, and background.

Secret Rare constitutes hardly 2% of the total supply. Other rarity categories stand as follows:-

  • Common – 34%
  • Uncommon 29%
  • Rare – 20%
  • Super Rare – 10%
  • Ultra Rare – 5%


Collaboration with OKX is part of the FMEX Football Metaverse’s mission to provide a better multiverse experience of NFT collections. FMEX Football Metaverse users can earn incentives merely by remaining active in the dual-token ecosystem.

Moving forward, FMEX Football Metaverse intends to release the first mini GameFi in the first quarter of the following year. Other launches, including the debut of NFT’s second collection, listing on exchanges, and the launch of staking mechanics for holders of non-fungible tokens, are expected to follow.

Trevor Holman

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