OKX Web3 and Astar Network join hands

OKX Web3 has announced that it has partnered with Astar Network. The partnership aims to empower over a billion users to harness the full potential of Web3. OKX Web3 has stated that that is their mission and why they chose Astar Network. The scalable network shares the sentiments and wishes to boost the segment for a global Web3 vision.

The current partnership with Astar Network comes before its partnership with Rarible. This association will kick off the campaign by minting Midnight in Tokyo as the first NFT. The community awaits more details on the same.

Astar also acknowledged that it has now ventured on the journey to mainnet with Raible and Astar zkEVM. It will see Astar Network provide services to users across the globe, irrespective of their geographical locations.

OKX Web3 is on a roll as well. It recently announced the launch of an upgrade for the management approval tool. This includes introducing three features: securing assets plus building for Web3, default shielding of honeypot tokens, and full approval history management for eleven chains. These include the likes of BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum.

Astar Network is coming fresh out of the celebration of Polkadot Crowdloan. This is expected to unlock more than a hundred million DOTs. It has been defined as a transformative shift, with the network at the forefront of the development.

Meanwhile, OKX exchange has affirmed its stand in the sphere of the NFT launchpad. It has called the platform an exclusive gateway to launch non-fungible tokens. Users can access tools like airdrops, allowlisting, subscriptions, and minting. This is on top of the availability of first-class collectibles.

The volume recorded on the launchpad is $5,185,330, with 77 projects launched to date. The number of participants is 293,425.

Users of OKX NFT Launchpad gain access to NFT Pass. It is a co-creation of OKX NFT and offers flexible applications across various platforms. Privileges are for holders, provided they have successfully verified their rights through a blockchain identifier.

Astar Network continues to grow its network around the world. Its partnership with OKX Web3 is evident from the announcements. The same follows the traces of its vision, with the most recent one being to mark progress in Japan by onboarding a larger number of enterprises to Web3. The fact that Astar and KDDI, a major Japanese telecom company, have an MOU in place has strengthened this position.

Both of them are now looking forward to fueling the adoption of cryptocurrency. Astar Network believes that it is progressing at a steady pace.

Till then, OKX Web3 and Astar Network are working to achieve the mission of driving the adoption of Web3 across the globe. There are a billion users on the network, and if both partners sustain their tracks in the association, then it is estimated that they will have a billion more users on the network.

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