OKX Web3 announces its integration with Shui Finance

OKX Web3 has announced that Shui Finance has integrated its wallet functionality into the platform. This officially allows users to earn rewards in their OKX Wallet on the platform. Rewards would be in CFX, as the entire architecture of Shui Finance is grounded in the Conflux Network.

The community has expressed positivity around the development; however, the same sentiment has yet to reflect on CFX, the token in conversation. It is down by 1.67% in the last 24 hours, exchanging hands at $0.3652 at the time of writing this article. It further reflects a drop of 23.67% in the last 7 days and a surge of 19.49% in the last 30 days.

That said, Shui Finance recently announced the launch of the IDO for claims. The process is live effective April 3, 2024, at 4 p.m. HKT on Swappi DEX. Users only have to access the platform and click on Claim Token to receive SHUI in their accounts. The transaction is backed by the smart contract that triggers the automated function of processing the token after a user has clicked Claim. Users must have sufficient gas in their wallets before processing the transaction.

The list of partners extends for Shui Finance. It previously joined hands with EAST Blue, a liquid staking protocol. The partnership is backed by Conflux Network and gives users access to the SHUI campaign on the website of EAST Blue.

OKX Web3 and Shui have built on an earlier development wherein OKX Web3 had added SHUI to its Discover Tab. That allowed users to directly access SHUI via the native wallet. OKX Web3 is now building a partnership with its latest campaign, which is in association with Zeta Markets, Arkreen Network, and Injective, to name a few.

OKX Web3 is now hosting Cryptopedia Season 15 in association with zkLink. Interested users can join the 15th installment of the event by registering for it. All they have to do is complete a set of tasks. That will make them eligible for $300 in ZKL tokens. Cryptopedia can be found by navigating OKX Wallet, searching for Discover, and entering Cryptopedia.

A recent announcement has highlighted that 14 more projects have joined its ecosystem in a single week. This includes the likes of SteakHut, Bitcoin Virtual Machine, Revoswap, Alaya AI, and Cards Ahoy, among others. Adding more projects not only expands the ecosystem but simultaneously empowers users to experience Web3 like never before, that is, through a user-friendly wallet and secure environment.

Shui Finance and OKX Web3 joining hands signals that there is a lot that can come on the table in the future. OKX Wallet will make it convenient for users to receive CFX rewards and earn staking rewards on Shui Finance, which, in turn, will leverage this to strengthen its position in the market by potentially adding more users.

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