Omni releases mainnet phase 1 Omni Armageddon

Omni releases mainnet phase 1, Omni Armageddon, a safe interoperability service leading towards a united rollup space. This is indeed a landmark moment for the company, considering the long period of sheer hard work that has gone behind it. 

Through Omni Armageddon, all users will be provided the option of effectively taking part in harnessing the network. This becomes a reality with the help of restaking on EigenLayer, allowing users to restake multiple assets, such as ETH and liquid staking tokens. Through the allocation of restaked assets for the sake of harnessing Omni, one is in the position of being able to do one’s bit for a safe and interconnected ecosystem.  

For allocating to Omni, users must possess restaked assets on EigenLayer and start restaking by making a single deposit of the allowed asset. Following that, the way forward is to the Omni AVS page for choosing an operator to allocate the restaked assets. 

Though Ethereum is the safest and most decentralized smart contract layer, its fissured rollup space has been responsible for disappointing user exposure and fissured liquidity. 

Omni reunifies Ethereum by making provision for a base for builders to be able to deliver global applications that function throughout every rollup. Omni is returning utility back to Ethereum via a united and safe service. Users will not be required to utilize separate rollups for separate applications. 

This is indeed a landmark occasion for Omni, as well as all of those who are inclined towards a better-linked rollup space. Here on, networks will function uninterruptedly and safely throughout multiple platforms. For Omni, this is just the initial part of a mainnet release.

David Cox

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