On-chain data picks out mega whales placing InQubeta on watch list

In the advancing world of crypto, there are few brands that manage to capture the attention of the mega whales. Mega whales are those influential investors whose moves have the power to really shape a market. 

However, InQubeta, the pioneering crypto crowdfunding platform focused on AI startups, has recently emerged as a top contender, drawing the interest and investment of these formidable players.

On-chain data analysis has shed light on the remarkable investment activity surrounding InQubeta, effectively placing the platform on the watch list of crypto enthusiasts worldwide. With its unique approach to funding AI startups through fractional investment using $QUBE tokens, InQubeta has successfully disrupted traditional investment models, democratizing access to this exciting sector.

InQubeta emerges as a top contender

Utilizing the potential of blockchain & smart contracts, InQubeta has developed a system that provides advantages to both investors and startups. In their ecosystem, the NFT marketplace acts as a dynamic center where AI startups can generate funds and present reward and equity-based NFTs. Meanwhile, holders of $QUBE tokens can effortlessly invest in projects that align with their goals and aspirations.

The allure of the QUBE token lies in its deflationary nature. Each buy-and-sell transaction incurs a 2% tax, channeling funds into a burn wallet that continually enhances the token’s value over time. Moreover, a 5% tax imposed on token sales contributes to a special reward pool, creating incentives for investors to stake their tokens and receive attractive rewards in return. This deflationary mechanism and the prospect of staking rewards have ignited a spark of interest among the crypto community.

Investing in AI startups carries immense potential for growth and invention, making it an enticing prospect for those who seek to be part of technological advancement. InQubeta has successfully bridged the gap between investors and startups, fostering a more accessible and inclusive investment ecosystem. By supporting AI startups, investors fuel the success of these visionary companies and contribute to the wider development of AI technology, which can potentially transform countless aspects of our lives.

InQubeta’s commitment to transparency and community engagement is further exemplified through its QUBE governance model. Holding the $QUBE token grants individuals the power to propose, discuss, and cast votes on vital aspects of the platform’s development. This democratic approach ensures that the community actively shapes InQubeta’s future, fostering a sense of ownership and collaboration.

Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, InQubeta harnesses the formidable capabilities of smart contracts to create a perfect and secure investment ecosystem. Looking ahead, InQubeta plans to broaden its horizons by becoming a multichain platform, thereby unlocking the unique potentials of multiple blockchain networks. This strategic move will further diversify the investment opportunities available to their growing community of supporters.



In conclusion, InQubeta’s rise as a top contender in cryptocurrency signifies a big shift in the investment landscape. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, the platform has transformed the way AI startups raise funds and connect with investors. With its creative fractional investment approach using $QUBE tokens, InQubeta has democratized access to AI investment, attracting the attention and investment of influential mega whales.

Looking ahead, InQubeta’s plans to expand as a multichain platform demonstrate its ambition to unlock the potential of various blockchain networks, providing even more diverse investment opportunities for its growing community. With its disruptive model and a dedicated team driving its success, InQubeta is poised to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the intersection of AI technology and the crypto landscape, fueling invention and shaping the future of investment in the digital era.

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