On Its 15th Birthday, Google Maps Has Some Brilliant Updates for You!

Google Maps do not need any introduction. It is such a staple digital companion that our lives literally revolve around its axis! On the occasion of its 15th Birthday, we decided to confetti all the impressive details of the Google maps, and to share with you some very exciting updates from Google maps, that are waiting for you around the corner. To explore those updates, all you need to do is roll with the article!

Starting from the key points, this cool web mapping service is packed with loads of features, which include:

  • Satellite imagery
  • Aerial photography
  • Street maps
  • 360° panoramic views of streets
  • Real-time traffic conditions

How does Google Maps work?

This feature-rich web mapping service is not that complex to use, as it may sound. That entire impressive technology like- geospatial data visualization feature, real-time traffic analyzer features of the Google map may sound complicated, but the beauty of this mapping service is that it is very easy to use. Here is how you can use this service:

  1. Finding a route from point A to Point B:

With the help of the Google Maps Navigation feature, you can easily understand the route from your desired location to your desired destination.

The interesting mapping service is backed by a voice-guided feature to help you focus on driving as you follow the instructions by Google.

  1. Mark your favorite places on Google Maps:

Places such as home, or office, or any other place where you often visit are used in Google maps very often for obvious reasons. That is why Google maps allow you to set those places on the maps to make it easy and convenient for you.

  1. New to a place? Want to search for a specific location?

Google maps are extremely helpful in searching for a specific place. If you are in a new country, for instance, then you can rely on Google maps to navigate to your destination safely.

PROS and CONS of Google Maps:

No doubt, Google Maps is a highly useful service, but like with everything, there are a few downsides, too.

Pros of Google Maps:

The sunny side of Google maps reveals that:

  1. Feature Rich Service: We have already seen how rich this platform is when it comes to navigation.
  2. Free to use: Google Maps services are absolutely free of cost.
  3. 24/7 Access: This is your personal guide, which happens to be your best friend too. You can use Google Maps at any time of the day or night.
  4. Map Sharing: Google maps can be shared with anyone you wish to. You can share your live location to help someone track you in an unknown place. You can easily embed Google map information in emails, web pages, visiting cards (through QR codes), social media accounts, etc., to help people meet you easily.
  5. Choice of Commuting: Google Maps allow you to chose how you wish to travel. From local travels to international ones, Google Maps can help you figure out a lot of details such as the local bus or train schedules, the number of stops in the route, what are the transfer points, ticket prices, types carriers for air journeys, etc.

Cons of Google Maps:

  1. Error in the accuracy: Yes, although it’s a once in a blue issue, it is real. Sometimes, ambiguities or any error in reading the destination location does happen. Other things like- route-revision due to road-repair works, or issues in the route due to bad weather conditions, or road jams due to any street fairs, or any construction work, can come as surprise to you when you follow Google maps, as the Google Maps sometimes can’t give you up to the minute accuracy. Due to the same reason, at times, some remote places just do not get read by Google maps.
  2. Street view feature used for crimes: The 360-degree view of Google maps is very useful in the right conditions. But it can prove to be equally dangerous when used with malicious intent. Many cases have been there where criminals plan their crimes based on studying a place on 360 viewing feature of Google maps.

Google Maps is turning 15 this year, and has a big new update in store for you:

Today, Google Maps is celebrating its 15th birthday. It has announced a big new update for its users. There will be a major redesign of the mapping service for both Android as well as the iPhone platform. There will be more exciting features added to the service.

Wait for March…

Yes, in March, the users will get to enjoy the new upgrades for ‘public transit and augmented reality.’ The revolutionizing redesigning of the platform will make it all the more user-friendly changes for users to enjoy the Goggle maps. By far the company has revealed:

  • There will be ‘three new icons’ to the five icons on the bottom of the screen. The new updated version will have ‘Saved,’ ‘Contribute,’ and ‘Updates’ buttons.
  • Improved user-friendly interface.
  • The new changes in the Google map will also give you a view of how crowded public transport is (a bus or a subway) before you step into it.
  • The new updated version of Google map will give you insights such as temperature, access to dedicated seating, presence of security guards, and security cameras.
  • For Japan and India, there will be special information about ‘women seating’ availability, and in Japan, the number of cars on the train can also be checked.
  • The expansion of the ‘Live View’ feature is also announced. It will be laced with augmented reality. You will get a better insight (with the help of red dot) on where you should go, how much time it will take, etc., in addition to the traditional road signs, for instance.

What can the three new buttons do?

Being feature-rich is the signature-sign of Google Maps. So, the new buttons also are packed with features. Here is a quick run-through:

The ‘Saved’ button: As the name suggests, this button shows you all those places that you have saved on the Google map, such as- restaurants, offices, homes, cafes, etc. With this new button, you can save places in advance to explore the place. In a way, you can make a destination-itinerary in advance to save your time and effort.

The ‘Contribute’ Button: You can contribute to the Google maps community in a far more efficient manner with this button. For instance, you can share photos of your experience of a place such as a museum, or restaurant, or a shop, etc. With your contribution, you can spread awareness about a place and help others to discover places from new perspectives.

The ‘Update’ Button: As the name suggests, it keeps the Google map community updated with what’s in trend. Imagine you are in a new place and you have a local friend from that place who can take you to all the trending places. You know how an insider of the place can really help you in exploring a place in a much better way! The same experience this button aims to provide to its users.


In the last 15 years, Google Maps has earned its place in our everyday life to the extent that it is now quite difficult to imagine a life without it. On top of this, the platform has decided to grow from one high to another. What better occasion, other than its birthday, there can be to announce what in store for us! It would be difficult to wait till March to bask into the new updates from Google maps fully. Our excitement for the updates is in a way a compliment and a sweet birthday wish to the Google family for its brilliant work!

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