OneFootball and Animoca Brands establish OneFootball Club

OneFootball, in collaboration with Animoca Brands, has established a premium OneFootball Club OFC) on Base. This club is intended to bring enjoyment to the entire global football community. Incidentally, the football platform is known to have over 200 million connected football enthusiasts under its wing. 

Its other credentials include being the first online football club, with a focus being on rewarding loyal fans within its fold. In addition, the fans will have the chance to interact with the community and engage in constructive discussions with like-minded individuals. During this process, they will gain recognition as unique personalities, which will enable them to participate actively on international leaderboards, receive rewards, and enjoy other benefits.

In February 2024, OneFootball distributed an alpha version to a limited number of external users. The initial phase has witnessed exceptional engagement, with over 300,000 participants. The subsequent phase of the deployment is scheduled for July 2024.

According to the CEO of OneFootball, Patrick Fischer, OneFootball Club is a golden opportunity for football enthusiasts to build on value aspects pertaining to their participation and involvement. There will be a plethora of opportunities for supporters who are connected to the club in the future. 

Yat Siu, the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to collaborate with OneFootball in the development of the technical infrastructure that will encourage and incentivize engagement among football fans. Animoca Brands has a strong belief in the transformative power of community, and football fans are a prime example of that. Animoca is collaborating with OneFootball to enable large-scale network effects.

Jesse Pollak, the creator of the base, has stated that the fan experience will be the primary focus, with the participation of football players, both professional and amateur, as well as teams and admirers.


OneFootball is the premier football platform, catering to the emerging online demographic that is fascinated by the sport. Its exclusive offerings are accessible to over 200 million devotees on a daily basis. It has the support of major professional football teams due to its singular focus on attracting more players to the football industry.

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