Ontology Collaborates with Flipside; Brings New Forms of Transparency

Ontology is extremely happy to announce its partnership with Flipside Crypto, which is a business intelligence provider, an organization that works for the blockchain platforms.

The partnership will allow Ontology to use the Flipside Crypto suite of analytical tools that will provide Ontology with access to vital data of the customer behavior and requirements, monetary health, and activities of a developer.

Flipside crypto makes use of the process that is referred to as chainwalking to uproot blockchain data across various networks. They further at labels and make data analysis to have a better understanding of the ongoing network activities. Along with this, they also make it easier to mark and compare their performance with others as well. Flipside Crypto has been using this process to provide business intelligence to approximately 75 blockchain organizations.

Talking about the partnership, the CEO of Flipside Crypto, Dave Balter, commented,

Dave Balter Commented

Ontology aims to build a transparent ecosystem for its users. Their partnership with Flipside Crypto will add a finishing touch to the existing measures of the organization. Along with this, it will also complement the updated explorer, with the regular ongoing updates on the distribution of token, and the monthly updates on the social channels.

The Ontology Co-founder, Andy Ji, said,

Andy Ji said

By planning to carry out activities like project health monitoring, keeping a check of customer behaviors, and have a regular analysis of how activities are impacting the stakeholders and the prices, the company will have better management to create a remarkable experience for its users.

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