Ontology Expands Operations For Japanese Crypto Fans

With the decentralized blockchain sector expanding its prowess to new horizons across different industrial verticals, countries from across the world are putting in their best efforts to win this mad race for evolving as a technology ruler. 

In this race, Japan is utilizing its revolutionary tech resources to support the development and growth of blockchain firms in the country. To fuel this objective, a leading public blockchain network, Ontology, is expanding its operations in Japan, focusing on expanding decentralized technology amongst various classes of investors. 

According to the report, Japan has witnessed a sharp increase of 30% in the number of blockchain and crypto entities. This need signifies the growing potential of blockchain projects in one of the most developed economies in the world. Ontology plays a pivotal role in satisfying this demand in the country through strategic collaborations with related firms. Holding local events in different parts of Japan to inform the natives about the technology has helped bring crypto into focus. 

In 2019, Ontology participated in one of Japan’s most prestigious blockchain conferences, Coindesk Japan’s b.tokyo exhibition. The team shared views on ways to boost distributed business opportunities through the adoption of new-age technologies. It partnered with gaming firm- gumiCryptos and staking entity-Moonstake in 2019 and 2020, respectively. 

The dedicated crypto wallet designed by Ontology named ONTO has become a top choice for crypto fans in Japan. The starting months of 2021 have proved quite successful for the Ontology team. The firm is looking forward to a big breakthrough with listing its utility token ONT on Japan-based crypto exchange, Decurrent. This will be the first exchange support for the ONT token in the country. The ONT/JPY token pair went live on July 19 and achieved a trading volume of 40,000 ONT quickly. Recently, on August 12, ONT was listed on the Huobi Japan exchange. 

Apart from these collaborations, Ontology partnered with a top-tier consultancy firm, AP LLC, to bolster its growing operations in the country. The deal is headed by Ontology’s new advisor in Japan, Matsuyama Kitao Takayuki. The firm’s powerful IT tools are being used by the Japan Science and Technology Agency too. 

In June, Ontology tied a pact with the popular inventory management firm ZAICO. The expert team at Ontology is duly committed to work in compliance with the regulatory guidelines of the government authorities. The development of innovative projects curated to reduce the gap between crypto and investors has helped Ontology establish itself as a premier entity.

Scott Cook

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