Ontology (ONT) Staking to Win Support from Huobi Wallet

The Huobi wallet recently announces that it will be supporting ONT staking from May 15. Furthermore, Huobi wallet has also promised 100 percent staking rewards to users. Staking is the acquisition and keeping of crypto coins for a certain period of time in a cryptocurrency bag. This is like a fixed deposit in the world of fiat currencies that gives you at the end of the contract time a fixed interest rate.

Huobi Wallet ensures the safety of global users’ assets from multiple dimensions and offers simple, convenient, and secure digital asset management (DAM) services.

Huobi Wallet provides the option to exchange various coins between chains quickly. Users can quickly and easily make transactions under the current exchange rate with their favorite digital coins.

Ontology seeks to develop its trust ecosystem through partnerships to deliver distributed services, including distributors, data verification, exchange of data and loans among the industry. The distributed trust system has been built by Ontology. It contains several types of trust in an integrated protocol system with different blockchains and databases. A cross-chain, cross-industry, cross-system, cross-application, and cross-device distributed trusts system is built into the network, using multiple resources identities and data exchange protocols.

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Ontology’s Trust Network is a multi-blockchain network protocol that supports all types of business. The flexible design structure is modularised, plugged and easily expandable to meet the requirements of different industries. Ontology uses blockchain technology in all types of business. Without previous knowledge of distributed networks, users can easily develop distributed services via ontology.

Ontology mainnet has been live and constantly evolving since June 30, 2018. A series of leading partnerships contribute to the price growth of ONT and the positive development of the project.

Huobi wallet also said that it is going to give up to 12000 ONT with other users to share them.


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