Ontology Price Analysis: ONT Is Likely To Continue Its Upward Trend

Smart X, a one-stop shop solution that can be utilized to aggregate send, summon, test, and troubleshoot brilliant contracts. Smart X offers varied tools for data exchange like changing over the open key into a location and pulling back private keys from Key store. Ontology SDK can also be used for deploying contracts like Smart X. Ontology has made splendid progress with detailed multi-chain developer manual and tutorials easily accessible on social media.

Let us look at how the coin has performed: –

Ontology Price Chart - 12 June

Current Statistics of ONT:

  • Currently ranked at number 22.
  • As per 8:45 UTC today, Market Cap of the ONT coin was 695,792,355 USD.
  • Price of the ONT today as per 12:39 UTC is 1.3907 USD.
  • 24-hour volume figures are 146,140,320 USD.
  • 494,757,215 coins are currently in circulation.

ONT Price Comparison:

  • The price of the coin has seen several steep ups and downs since the past few months.
  • In order to have a better understanding, let us compare the price of the coin since 14-Dec-18 post, which it has shown an upward trend.
  • On 14-Dec-18, the price of the coin was 0.4625 USD as per 9:00 UTC.
  • As compared to the sharp decline of 14-Dec-18, the price of the coin currently shows a bullish trend by more than 200%.

Ontology Price Prediction:

The price of the coin may reach up to $3.5 by the end of this year; and may reach up to $6 by the end of 2020. Check out our ONT Price Prediction to get a full idea about the future prices of the ONT coin.


A month ago, it was declared Ontology Triones hub applications would stay open with Karathen also being a part of it. As the agreement system keeps on developing, Ontology might want to make a more pleasant open door for hopeful hubs joining the growing accord system to offer aggressive reward offers to clients approving stakes in them. Ontology Foundation is also in the talks of adding new consensus partners, which definitely makes it a very good investment option as it is anticipated that it will continue its bullish trend.

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