Ontology Price Analysis: ONT Regains Stability, Same Trend To Continue

Ontology‘s movement over the past month has seen quite many ups and downs. The price of the coin was more or less stable since 13-June-19 till 22-June-19. Post this date; the coin has seen rapid growth and prices reached as high as $1.8 on 26-June-19 as per 01:00 UTC. Prices fluctuated with the downtrend from 27-June-19, however now the trend seems to be changing. The ONT coin is beginning to get some pace and is showing a positive trend.

Let us observe the performance of the Ontology coin: –

Ontology Price Chart - 3 July
Ontology Price Chart

Current Statistics of ONT:

  • As per 5:54 UTC today, Market Cap of the coin was 698,120,375 USD.
  • Price of the coin today as per 08:30 UTC is 1.41 USD.
  • 24-hour volume is $172,211,637.
  • 494,757,215 ONT coins are in circulation.
  • ROI of the coin is -46.25%.

Ontology Price Prediction:

If we analyze the price of the coin since 9-June-19 wherein the price was $1.26 at 23:30 UTC and today, the present movement of the coin is bullish. There has been an increase of 11%. By maintaining the same trend, the price of the coin may reach its immediate resistance level of $1.45 by tomorrow. After a period of six months, the coin may reach around $1.8 – $2. You can check our ONT Coin Price Prediction to get a detailed idea about the future prices of the coin.


Analysts predict that the price of the coin will continue with the bullish trend, and the prices of the coin could see a major resistance level at $1.58 in the next few days. MACD indicator reflects an upward movement, and we predict that the same trend may continue for a few more days. RSI indicator shows the overbought phase for ONT coins. It would be advisable to invest in Ontology coins if you can sustain the same for the long run.

Trevor Holman

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