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Ontology Price Analysis: Ontology’s Bullish Trend To Continue, Prices May Reach New High


 Over the past few months, the coin has shown growth with very minimal falls in April and May. Having said that, the Ontology coin has managed to bounce back and retain the bullish trend. Today at the time of writing this analysis, the movement is bullish, and it is expected that the same movement of the coin will continue considering the massive potential of ONT.

Ontology CoinStatistics:

Let us look at how the ONT coin has performed: –

Finmax BTC

Ontology price chart - june 25

Current Statistics of ONT:

  • As per 10:00 UTC today, Market Cap of the coin was 821,677,887 USD.
  • Price of the coin today as per 16:00 UTC is 1.68 USD.
  • 24-hour volume figures are 201,864,776 USD.
  • 494,757,215 coins are at present in circulation.
  • Return of the coin is -36.08 %.

ONT Coin Price Comparison:

We need to look at the price comparison of the coin since March till date for better clarity.

  • On the 4-Mar-19 price of the coin was $0.79479365 at 02:00 UTC.
  • As compared to the prices since March and till date, the price of the coin currently shows an upward trend.
  • The price of the coin has shown rapid growth and a strong bullish trend by more than 103% as compared to the month of March and today.

Ontology Price Prediction & Conclusion:

By looking at the price analysis of the coin, prices will reach around $1.75 by the end of the day tomorrow, and after a period of six months, it will reach around $1.90. Prior to March, the movement of the coin was bearish. As per the current Chaikin money indicator, the coin shows a positive trend. This makes it a very good time to invest in the Ontology and retain the same in the long term for fabulous returns.

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