Ontology Price Plunge Takes it Back to 0.79 USD

Ontology (ONT) price recently touched $0.85. The escalation in price grabbed a lot of eyeballs. The month opened at $0.71 and it took almost 15 days to reflect a visible upsurge. Well, the currency is moving back from it started.

If we look at yesterday’s chart, ONT touched a high at 0.857072 USD and a low at 0.791038 USD. Ontology is expected to recover in the coming time. Let’s have a look at the price chart to understand the momentum of the coin.

Ontology Price Analysis:

The data feed is taken from Binance on September19, 2019, at 06:22:27 UTC for price analysis.

Ontology Price
Ontology Chart By TradingView

Yesterday, Ontology started the day with an upsurge. The price escalated from $0.78 to $0.81 by 3.55%. The upsurge continued and took the price to $0.83 from $0.79 by 4.59%. The next major jump brought the currency to $0.85 from $0.79 by 7.78%. Towards the closing time, OTN fell by 3.86% as the price changed from $0.84 to $0.81. Today, there was a heavy downtrend marked in OTN. The coin dropped from $0.81 to $0.76 by 6.30%. The recovery in price shifted OTN price to $0.79 by 3.96%. The price might remain the same for the rest of the day.

OTN began the week at low scores. As soon as the upsurge hit the market, Ontology started rising. The uptrend was tremendous. We are hoping that it would happen soon. The future of the currency is bright. Check out Ontology price prediction to get the exact idea about the Ontology Coin.

The short-term investment looks good for the coin. The same would bring maximum profit to the traders.

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