Ontology Research Institute Releases Thesis on Multichain Design

Ontology’s Network is a multi-blockchain protocol and systems Network, which supports all business types of application. The flexible design structure is modularized, plugged, and easily expandable to meet the requirements of different industries. Blockchain technology applies to all types of businesses that provide blockchain, smart contracts, distributed management for verification, data exchange, and other protocols and APIs. Without previous knowledge of distributed networks, users can easily develop distributed services via Ontology.

The storage system for Ontology operates on a distributed directory. The main feature is that trust between several parties is shared through the use of smart agreements, distributed networks, distributed storage, distributed authorities, distributed security, and a variety of modules.

To further fasten the transaction, a new solution has been proposed by the research institute. This new solution uses the same Ontology blockchain as the main chain and supports for both side chain whose architecture is the same as the main chain. This allows the interaction of the main and side chains, as well as side-chain interactions. The primary chain manages side chains using a multi-chain management contract. A cross-chain management contract is concluded for interaction between the source chain and the target chain. The proof of interaction between cross chains is done by synchronizing headers of the key block and other state data.

This proposed a lightweight and reliable multi-chain system along with the cross-chain solution could increase the performance and efficiency of the Ontology network.

Scott Cook

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