opBNB associates with COMBO unlocks Layer2 potential

opBNB, which is a Layer 2 solution, has formed an exclusive association with COMBO, a top gaming-oriented Layer 2 technology. Together, they will be setting off a cross-chain activity, the focus remaining on uninterrupted interactions in terms of on-chain assets. They will be leading in matters related to innovation within the blockchain space and unleashing the strength of Layer 2 solutions.

The activities will commence with the opportunity of being able to MINT Cobee NFT 3 Series Blind Boxes on the COMBO network. This will provide the option for all those who take part to expose special digital assets containing surprises. Participants will also be able to link their Cobee NFT 3 Series Blind Boxes with the opBNB chain and have multiple options come their way. 

opBNB, which functions inside the BNB ecosystem, is a Layer 2 solution that has been created with the utilization of the OP Stack. Having a block measurement of 100M, opBNB remains balanced, and with low costing fees, it automatically becomes the favored option for mass incorporation in multiple digital arenas. It covers areas of gaming and decentralized exchanges, too, day-to-day applications, and digital collections.

COMBO, on its part, has made its mark in the gaming business and is known for its game-oriented rollup on the BNB chain, which has been created on the Optimism Stack. Presently, Web3 game developers come up against multiple hiccups, the prime one being the inability to hone in on the most suitable blockchain. In this situation, COMBO comes to the rescue by providing an all-inclusive array of development tools. The technical backing received from COMBO helps game developers to easily shift into the Web3 arena. COMBO is currently creating a Web3 game-based Layer2 on various chains to lower the cost of transactions.

Where COMBO is concerned, it is a prime provider of upgrading solutions for Web3 game development. With the utilization of an absolutely new-age game engine, COMBO is creating an open-source, decentralized, and game-based Layer 2 that will be made available to the masses. Its focus is on bringing the full capability of Web3 games by linking game developers with the whole ecosystem in a convenient way.

Trevor Holman

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