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Open Banking & SCA Forum 2020 | Amsterdam: Harnessing Open Banking and Preparing for Strong Customer Authentication

The European Union’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has paved the way for a new era of Open Banking globally. As a result, it will have huge impacts on business models, security mechanisms, and innovation in banking. In recent times, a question that has arisen consistently is how security and innovation can go hand-in-hand?

Open Banking was introduced to change and improve consumer’s bank, but what’s become evident is that with PSD2, the number of third-party payments providers (TPPs) connecting to banks’ systems has increase, boosting the risks of unauthorized access to customer data or even fraudulent initiation of payments. So, banks need to increase security, but at the same time grant access to all registered TPP—while also striking a balance between strong customer authentication and frictionless user experience.

Through our research, we have identified that banks are struggling to implement Open banking along with SCA. Therefore, we are proud to organise Europe’s first dedicated forum on Open Banking & SCA to address this important topic. This event is an extension to our already successfully running “SCA Summit,” which was held in London, June 2019.

This unique event will be jointly represented by 20 leading speakers and it aims to gather about 150+ qualified attendees (mostly from local and regional banks, regulators, standard bodies, selected FinTechs) who are looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Current Confirmed Speakers:

Gijs Boudewijn | Chairman | EBF

Nick Fahy | CEO | Cynergy Bank

Pedro Pinto Coelho | Chairman and Chief Executive | Banco BNI Europa

Antonio Barzachki | Open Banking, Product Owner | Policy Expert | EBA

Dr. Jochen Wiedemann | Director, Identity and Access | Deutsche Bank

Pelin Dumans | Open Banking, Product Owner | ABN AMRO

Laura Iglesias Febrero | Global Head of Cybersecurity Strategy | Banco Santander

Nadine McKeone | Open Banking Programme Director | AIB

Andries van Markus | Senior manager, Fraud & Cybersecurity | ING

Bert Dobbelaere | Project Manager, Digital Channels | BNP Paribas

Andrew Millar | Open Banking Programme Manager | HSBC

Alan Ainsworth | Head of Policy | Open Banking UK

Robert Woods | SCA Lead Product Owner | Lloyds Banking Group

 What will the Speakers Talk About?

  • Adapting to Open Banking
  1. How to make the most out of Open Banking?
  2. Top challenges to Open Banking and overcoming them
  • How open should we be to Open Banking?
  1. Redefining Customer Experience with Open Banking, rethinking reward loyalty?
  2. Fraud Detection: Making Open Banking a Safer Place
  3. Balancing security and customer experience in the world of Open Banking
  • The API economy/ How FIs can monetize from APIs?
  1. Why Banks should be looking beyond regulatory PSD2 compliance?
  2. Unlocking open platform value through APIs
  • APIs for empowered third-party apps and smarter aggregation
  1. Embracing Open APIs to enhance customer experience
  • Understanding Strong Customer Authentication
  1. SCA: A blessing or a curse for the banks?
  2. What is means for marketplaces in 2020?
  • Minimizing SCA disruption with GoCardless
  1. What is roadmap to successful SCA implementation?
  2. Leveraging SCA to manage your compliance risks better
  3. Latest case studies of successful rollouts in Europe
  • Technology: an infinite need for SCA implementation
  1. Latest on Regulatory Technical Standards for SCA
  2. Using AI to facilitate SCA adoption
  • Biometrics to meet the SCA mandate and offering frictionless transactions
  1. Most effective ways to use technology for cost-efficient KYC compliance
  2. Digital Transformation through PSD2 and Open Banking

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