Open Campus to release Open Campus ID, a decentralized identifier

The Open Campus ID, serving as the decentralized identifier (DID), is scheduled to be released by Open Campus on January 23, 2024. The objective is to connect a substantial number of Open Campus associates’ students with Web3 knowledge through the Open Campus Alliance. 

This alliance comprises educational organizations that have committed to implementing the EDU token and Open Campus initiatives and products. Open Campus ID will strengthen students, instructors, and academic organizations globally through increased learning exposure and the ability for students to manage education-related data. 

An Open Campus ID provides its owner with a unique identity .edu identification, which starts the decentralized and self-governed storage of their user profile and academic contributions. Learners can create profiles and learning ideas that are linked to their .edu identifier. 

This can be used to tailor education-related exposure, recommend viable syllabuses, and launch appropriate learning routes based on their particular needs and preferences. Students have complete authority over their academic reputation, data, and identity with Open Campus ID, a digital passport for decentralized education. 

Open Campus ID will soon be integrated into the learning mechanisms of participating institutions as well as numerous educational entities affiliated with the Open Campus Alliance. This facilitates the private release of on-chain authenticable credentials via learner profiles associated with every Open Campus ID. 

Currently, the Open Campus Alliance claims over 30 educational firms that have promised to adopt the EDU token and Open Campus products. TinyTap, Hooked, New Campus, Mocaverse, GEMS Education, Weeve, CoderSchool, Metalympics, Blockchain Center,  Edu3Labs, Bondex, and BitDegree are all part of the Open Campus Alliance. Open Campus plans to attract a large number of users to Open Campus ID by incorporating Open Campus ID into the Open Campus Alliance’s network of companies. 

In addition, the Open Campus Accelerator (OC-X) will contribute US$10 million to the onboarding of an additional 100 learning startups under the Open Campus Alliance and Open Campus ID. The Open Campus Accelerator (OC-X) has already introduced several companies to the Open Campus Alliance, including EduCup, Skizaa, Atiom, Collective, and, which have a combined learner base of over 1.8 million.

Open Campus ID, according to Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Chairman of Animoca Brands, signifies a turning point in the field of education and is consistent with the principles of Web3. Learners assume responsibility for their achievements due to the decentralized nature of Web3 data.

Yogev Shelley, the chief executive officer of TinyTap, asserts that the Open Campus Alliance enables the convergence of a diverse group of education innovators. By implementing decentralized technologies, this network is being fortified by adopting Open Campus ID. 


Adopting the Open Campus ID by organizations in the education sector gives them a greater incentive to modify the educational system. 

Open Campus is a protocol that is driven by the community and targets students, parents, educators, and content creators. It facilitates the development of individualized learning programs for students by instructors. 

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