Open Circus associates with The Sandbox

Open Circus, which is the brainchild of Madona Bouglione, has formed an exclusive association with The Sandbox. This joining hands will bring forth a never before exposure to the Circus in the Metaverse. In the case of the inclined gamers, it will open the doors for engaging in a game they have never had the opportunity of participating in before the introduction of Open Circus. 

Along with Madona Bouglione, there has been an equal contribution on the part of Stephanie and Victoria Bouglione in the creation of the circus-oriented game. They all belong to the famous Bouglione family. The game is basically an amalgamation of conventional circus activities with healthy doses of new-age technology and innovation thrown in. Open Circus comes with every thrilling aspect that is associated with the Circus, including ample scope for acrobatics, as well as entertainment-based programs.  

The connected players will witness upfront all the glories that go with circus acts. The game will come in the form of three separate tents, with each tent either sharing the rich history of the Circus or the exposure to typical and, in some cases, unique circus-related entertainment. 

According to the COO of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, they have great expectations from Open Circus as this will indeed be a first-time experience for all of the gamers who get engaged with the game. The rich experience of the Bouglione family regarding the Circus, along with the technological know-how of The Sandbox, will be a sure formula for success, surpassing every expectation on the part of the connected gamers. 

The association between Open Circus and The Sandbox is being viewed as an absolute landmark in the field of iGaming. As per both entities, this will be the opportunity for gamers to have a detailed insight into the world of the Circus, filled with entertainment and enigma. 

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