OPEN HUB for Smart World:’s digital human workplace initiative

NTT group’s subsidiary, NTT Communications Corporation, a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT) group, expanded its co-creation program, “OPEN HUB for Smart World.” The company announced the launch of its initiatives, which include a blend of the metaverse and digital humans in its business.  

This co-creation initiative intends to help businesses deal with time and workplace challenges and offer solutions to problems like Japan’s decreasing labor force. OPEN HUB was established in October 2021, and since then about 3000 people have used it to foster business co-creation in both online and offline settings. In the OPEN HUB Virtual Park, a photorealistic human figure that interacts with human visitors is built using digital human technologies like 3D computer graphics, motion capture, and high-definition scanning.

This initiative is an example of NTT Communication’s continuous efforts to bring the metaverse into innovative workstyles and provide solutions to real-life problems. aims to develop solutions addressing real-life problems like an increase in productivity and a labor shortage. 

Additionally, this OPEN HUB Virtual Park would function as a metaverse platform in which business enterprises would demonstrate new technologies that cannot be applied in the real world. So, users can collect data from both the virtual and real environments to get feedback to further improve business co-creation.

The real people in the OPEN HUB are called catalysts, which help in business co-creation. CONN, the latest digital catalyst, would perform all the tasks that were conventionally performed by employees of, like guiding guests in the OPEN HUB Park, giving an idea of how to integrate digital humans into new workstyles.  

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