OpenOcean Atlantic Live on Ethereum Network From Nov 1

The Open Ocean Atlantic is the second version of the OpenOcean. This new upgrade by OpenOcean will provide higher swap rates and maximum returns, eventually outperforming other DEX aggregators. The additional benefit of trading on OpenOcean is that there is no additional fee and everything is transparent. The main focus of OpenOcean has been to help its users in the seamless trade of digital assets on different networks, without any hidden fees. 

OpenOcean provides optimally priced cross-chain swaps and decentralized derivatives for better capital efficiency for the user. The algorithm helps traders by allowing easy capture of spot or even derivative trading opportunities, according to their trading strategies. OpenOcean is also planning to launch smart wealth management services for benefitting its broad range of users. 

The launch OpenOcean Atlantic has brought in better and improved algorithms with increased liquidity for the users. This will help OpenOcean have a competitive edge over other competitive DEX aggregators in the market. OpenOcean will be able to provide better returns depending on different parameters, a better price for user assets, decreased slippage, optimized routing, and lower gas fee. The test showed that OpenOcean Atlantic performed better and provided better returns compared to the other DEX aggregators on the Ethereum network. 

OpenOcean has supported Ethereum since its inception. It has provided the best service to users by providing liquidity across Balancer, Kyber, Curve, Clipper, Sushiswap, DODO, Uniswap, DeFiSwap, and many others for a better user experience. The introduction of OpenOcean Atlantic will lead to a better user experience than previously possible. OpenOcean plans to stay committed to the Ethereum Network and serve its users by giving the best service. 

OpenOcean also provides its users with the freedom of choice. It is the one-stop destination to get the best rate possible on the swaps across the Ethereum Network and its L2s. The new features of OpenOcean Atlantic will allow the users to add tokens on their own onto the trading interface. Users just need to paste the address of the tokens to be added in the search bar and press ‘add’. Users should keep in mind that there might be a risk of poor liquidity while trading. There is also an added gas setting on OpenOcean Atlantic to ensure a smooth trading experience for its users on the Ethereum Network. Users will have the additional option to choose a custom fee as per their desired gas expenditure in the custom field.

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