OpenOcean Partners with Chainlink for Secure Cross-Chain USDC Transfers

OpenOcean links up with Chainlink CCIP to utilize CCIP’s simplified token transfer abilities for initiating cross-chain shifting of USDC. These are utilized as intermediaries to pave the way for off-chain swaps. Incidentally, CCIP is the benchmark for safe cross-chain interoperability throughout Arbitrum, Avalanche, and others.

They honed in on CCIP due to its reputation and the support of the risk management network that tracks and authenticates cross-chain activities to sniff out improper going on.

OpenOcean is a decentralized crypto trading service that allows users to swap tokens through blockchains and protocols. Earlier, OpenOcean associated with Chainlink Automation and Price Feeds throughout various chains for unleashing safe limit order activities and offer users the satisfaction of knowing they were in for the most competitive prices. Presently, OpenOcean is utilizing Chainlink CCIP to connect with cross-chain USDC token shiftings.

For harnessing cross-chain swaps utilizing USDC token shifting, the requirement was for a safe and dependable interoperability service created on the Chainlink platform. Chainlink offers many advantages, features like high-level safety and dependability factors, and easy token shifting. Added to that is the malleability, programming ability, and future proof.

In the words of the Co-Founder, Lenny, CCIP is the safest cross-chain service in the blockchain space.

Chainlink is the benchmark for Web3 solution platforms and is responsible for large volumes of transactions throughout verticals such as  DeFi, insurance, gaming, NFTs, and others.

OpenOcean is the most extended DEX collector, cross-chin swap collector, and Web3 middleware builder in the crypto arena. It provides an array of tools throughout over thirty networks, with more than a thousand avenues for liquidity.

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