OpenOcean Supports Fantom and Leading DEXs

Fantom and its major DEXs: SpookySwap, SushiSwap, and SpiritSwap are now supported by OpenOcean, a multiple DeFi, and CeFi exchange.

OpenOcean, one of the leading crypto trading platforms, integrates decentralized and centralized exchanges to automatically locate top pricing for tokens, saving customers’ time and money.

Fantom-loaded assets traders may take advantage of OpenOcean’s trading, which determines optimum profits depending on the rate, exchange cost, and route. With the addition of prominent Fantom DEXs, OpenOcean now supports dozens of decentralized exchanges and the Binance controlled exchange.

The user interface of OpenOcean is simple and easy to use. One may begin trading right away through a connection with the Fantom mainnet using Metamask and then browsing over Classic and the latest version of OpenOcean.

The Classic edition has a simple interface that is ideal for new traders. Users have to check charts, compare different prices, and look for arbitrage possibilities using Pro. Further information on settings and wallets are available in the user guide on OpenOcean.

Michael Kong, the CEO of Fantom, said that Fantom DeFi had been rapidly expanding. The network’s TVL just topped $2 billion, and DeFi initiatives have sprung up across the ecosystem. OpenOcean helps optimize all transactions, giving access to DeFi possibilities by connecting into this enormous liquidity layer through CEX and DEX interfaces. Fantom is excited to have OpenOcean join the Fantom ecosystem and share the fundamental principle of prioritizing user experience. The firm is looking forward to developing a user base.

About OpenOcean

OpenOcean is one of the leading complete aggregators for DeFi and CeFi. OpenOcean’s sophisticated routing algorithm helps find the right price for traders throughout exchanges at no additional cost. The firm has gathered key DEXes public chains, including Layer 2 and ETH, the Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, etc., as a one-stop trading entry (Binance). OpenOcean maintained that it would keep supporting cross-chain swapping via bridges and protocols and aggregating additional DeFi and CeFi devices to launch smart management services.

About Fantom

Fantom is a permission-less aBFT consensus protocol-based layer-1 platform which is EVM-compatible. It is secured and fast. Fantom transactions are verified in under a second and cost an average of one cent. Fantom is excellent for DeFi applications and real-world use-cases because of its speed, cheap transaction costs, and high throughput.

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