OpenSea Partners with Adobe for Digital Quality and Provenance

NFTs have offered a revolutionary new mechanism for content providers and digital artists to enhance their worth by interacting directly with their followers. It has also helped with a rich legacy of digital works visible and available to everybody.

In the world of art, provenance refers to an item’s origin, and NFTs extend provenance to the virtual domain, which is an exciting and unique step towards safeguarding consumers, sellers, and artists in this increasingly digital environment.

OpenSea has teamed up with Adobe to introduce ‘Content Credentials’, which provides the users of OpenSea access to novel capabilities that add further transparency and texture to an item’s history, making digital provenance easier to follow.

How it Works

Content Credentials acts as a new technology allowing the users of Adobe to link their crypto wallets and validate products at the source level, with the information of their identity visible to OpenSea purchasers.

Artists may now claim rights of attribution to a piece of work directly on Photoshop. This information would be shown on OpenSea when an NFT is minted by the creator. Buyers may check the ‘Content Credentials’ part of the OpenSea item page to determine if the wallet address used to create the piece on Adobe Photoshop and the NFT’s origin address match, and then click ‘View details on Verify’ for getting more about the process.

OpenSea’s Commitment to Empower Users

As OpenSea is jointly rethinking how they can move digital commodities on the internet, this alliance strengthens its commitment to providing users with more tools. The company mentioned that it would keep adding features to promote trust and transparency across the Metaverse, working with industry leaders like Adobe and the expanding NFT community.

Since it is quite easy to duplicate any picture and mint it on the blockchain, Adobe is releasing this capability in response to the demand for identifying the original originator of the material presented with an NFT.

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