OpenSea unveils zero-fee Pro marketplace with enhanced features

OpenSea has launched an NFT Marketplace with zero fees, OpenSea Pro. Previously known as Gem v2, OpenSea Pro has been defined as the most powerful and fastest marketplace aggregator. Collectors will be able to leverage the functionality of the platform to discover deals and insights across 170 marketplaces.

What is likely to work the most for OpenSea Pro is a set of sophisticated tools that meet the need for automation put forward by the community. Gem v2, the earlier name, has been constructed on the ground that has been designed by Gem. OpenSea acquired Gem in April 2022 after witnessing a rising wave in the NFT market.

Needless to say, the acquisition has paid off, and OpenSea Pro now comes loaded with some of the most advanced features.

Live cross-marketplace data enables the users to review their collection activity in different marketplaces for non-fungible tokens. The data is updated in real-time with a lot of focus on making available something that matters the most – data related to mints, trending collection, and pages. The data is typically fetched in a couple of seconds.

Advanced Order gives a lot of control to users by letting them set the maximum price for the item, amount, and traits, among other things. Control of the users goes beyond the said factors to also touch upon the trait collection offer, purchases, and listings.

Powerful Inventory Management makes it convenient to buy, sell, and manage digital items in different marketplaces. Users can simultaneously track analytics at other levels like collection, wallet, and items.

OpenSea Pro brings together a compilation of the best prices – offers, bids, & pools, for the NFT collection across different marketplaces. Users can then make a decision on selling digital assets as per their preference. OpenSea, through OpenSea Pro, leverages the smart contract that is known for being the most gas-optimized, making it an efficient place for the entire community.

On-the-go facility comes loaded with the mobile application of OpenSea Pro, empowering users to browse the platform from any place in the world at any time. Other features that are likely to make an appearance at OpenSea Pro are Live Mints Overview, Watchlist, and Batch Transfer, to mention a few.

The listing currently attracts a 0% fee for a limited period of time. The promotion, however, will cease and bring back the original standard fee of 2.5%.

Also, as OpenSea Pro progresses, it will look to onboard a million users seamlessly while integrating several other payment methods and investing more in the creator tools.

NFT began picking up the pace in early 2022. OpenSea was quick to acquire Gem, but the potential that it came across has turned out to be worthy. The trading fee is at 0% during the promotional time, still managing to keep hopes alive that there is a possibility of marketplaces and aggregators bringing out the best at the most economical price.

Trevor Holman

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