OpenZeppelin forms an exclusive collaboration with Chainlink Labs

OpenZepplin forges an exclusive collaboration with Chainlink Labs to encourage a more secure and reliable blockchain arena. 

Through collaboration, the Chainlink BUILD program will be totally backed by the Chainlink BUILD program, which encourages upcoming startups and speeds up the overall growth pattern of well-set-up protocols building throughout the Web3 ecosystem. 

OpenZepplin Defender offers prime features that assist decentralized applications in creating, auditing, operating, and tracking their smart contracts. Added to that is The Contracts Library of safe, modular smart contracts written in Solidity. 

Presently, OpenZepplin is being utilized by many chains, protocols, and institutions that use the Chainlink platform. These are Optimism, Aave, and ANZ Bank. By providing preferred solutions to Chainlink BUILD members, these fresh projects within the Chainlink ecosystem can connect with OpenZepplin’s safety measures. 

According to the Partnerships Lead, Gin Zite, the collaboration will help bring about a safer and more dependable eb3 ecosystem. The projects will now be harnessed for the benefit of the members of the Chainlink BUILD program. The cross-chain ecosystem will witness an uplift. 

Chainlink is the benchmark for decentralized computing platforms that boost the authenticability of the web. 

Chainlink has been responsible for more than $10 trillion in transaction value by offering financial institutions and builders connectivity with real-time data, off-chain computation, and safe cross-chain interoperability throughout every blockchain. It boasts authentic applications and sensitive markets related to banking, DeFi, gaming, and various other verticals. 

OpenZepplin was established in 2015 and is a prime player in harnessing blockchain applications and smart contract mechanisms. Its bedrock open source Contract Libraries are a benchmark for smart contract building.

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