Opera to launch Crypto Wallet in its Desktop Browser


Opera, one of the most popular web browser declared that it will integrate crypto wallet into the desktop browser. The Crypto-wallet will be available in all the three versions of the browser – Windows, Linux, and Mac. All the users can now access their crypto wallet on Desktop instead of the app.

Opera previously launched crypto wallet as a beta version for Android in July 2018. Opera has a great interest in cryptocurrency and has also received a positive response from the crypto community for its mobile crypto wallet.

How to access Opera’s Crypto Wallet on Desktop?

With the help of a new desktop version, users can connect to their crypto wallet by scanning the QR-code from the opera app on mobile. The system is similar to the WhatsApp web. Hence, this eliminates the need to install an additional extension.

Using Opera’s crypto wallet for Android, you can perform stable transactions. Also, you can sell and purchase cryptocurrency directly from the browser. Opera’s inbuilt crypto wallet for Android utilizes phone’s system lock to secure crypto keys. Thus, users can access the wallet using the fingerprint sensor.

Charles Hamel, who is the product lead at Opera said, “By adding a crypto wallet directly into the browser, we removed the need for complex extensions or separate apps.” He further added, “Opening up the PC browser for crypto marks Opera’s second step towards making cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0 mainstream.”

On the Desktop, users will not only be able to access DApps but also use Web 3.0 signing payments with their fingerprint on their Android phones. Keys owned by users are only present on the smartphone. Moreover, Opera crypto wallet holds for tokens and collectibles.

Both mobile and web browser consists of anti-crypto jacking software for protection. The company will soon do the integration of mobile and desktop browser.

Opera firmly believes that Blockchain has full potential to transform the web in the near future.



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