Optimism Enters Partnership with Across

Optimism recently treated its users by partnering with Across, the bridging venture. The latest integration allows Optimism Ethereum users to bridge finances back to Layer 1 Ethereum.

Currently, users can access UMA, USDC, and ETH via the bridge, with the ventures planning to add more assets shortly. Across is renowned for its bridging functionalities, helping projects scale from Layer 2 to Layer 2.

Moreover, it offers rewards to relayers for offering short-term loans on Layer 1 solutions. Relayers get the loan amount back within two hours from liquidity pools on Layer 1. The pool refreshes After providing funds from the Layer 2 transfer. The transactions are insured via UMA’s OO (Optimistic Oracle), acting as a dispute resolution layer.

The oracle validates and verifies every contract between the insurer earning fees and the user acquiring the funds. Users can currently bridge UMA, ETH, and USDC from Layer 2 Arbitrum to Layer 1 Ethereum.

Across holds major prominence in the market due to its secure, cost-effective, and instant transactions. The project falls under the community’s jurisdiction that converts it into an ecosystem. Although Across’s development still falls under UMA’s wings, the community has been closely incorporated in the project.

The Layer 2 bridging solution provider released an official post about the recent development. Despite its recent mainnet launch, Across has amassed a widespread user base. The protocol is also looking for co-founders who can lead and improve the platform.


Such offerings are one of the reasons why many consider it the most community-driven Layer 2 to Layer 1 bridge. Despite entering the market in October 2021, Across has managed to associate with Optimism, showcasing its capabilities. Given the functionality it packs, the Across and Optimism community can expect huge developments shortly. 

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