Optimism Going Live on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace

Optimism recently announced completing its integration with OpenSea. The L2 Ethereum scaling solution is accessible on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

The announcement made OpenSea the sixth platform to integrate Optimism after Polygon, Klatyn, Solana, Arbitrum, and Ethereum. Users learned about the final integration confirmation through OpenSea’s official Twitter account.

The platform released a string of tweets to share information about the collaboration and what it brought to users. According to the tweets, the latest integration brings more than 100 Optimism-based NFT collections to the marketplace.

Names like OptiChads, Bored Town, Apetimism, and MotorHeadz, are some of the projects Optimism is bringing to OpenSea. Every project developer must access the OpenSea ecosystem to set a creator fee for sales on the platform.

As per the announcement, OpenSea will allow creators to earn 10% on every transaction for their projects. Before the integration, Optimism accrued the majority of its NFT collections sales through Quix. 

While the business was decent, comparing the daily trading volume between OpenSea and Quix is hardly fair. The former dominates the NFT marketplace arena by a huge margin. For instance, Quix noted 26,000 dollars worth of sales on September 26.

On the other hand, OpenSea scored over 9.9 million dollars in trading volume for the same day. The difference in numbers is reason enough for Optimism to enter the OpenSea ecosystem.

Optimism has also established a name for itself with projects like OptiPunks, Apetimism, Optimism Quests, and OptiChads. The L2 scaling solution has already amassed 1,450 dollars in sales, while its lifetime sales have crossed 700,000 dollars.

OpenSea still boasts an impressive 310 million dollars in monthly sales. However, the number is 93% below its all-time high of 4.86 billion dollars, achieved in December 2021. The numbers show OpenSea’s potential in a positive market setting.


Thus, the collaboration is expected to yield quality results for both projects. 

David Cox

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