Optimism outpaces Arbitrum; DigiToads continues to make waves & shine in the meme coin community

The role of layer-2 solutions in improving blockchain scalability has become more recognized in the market. Optimism (OP), a stable and quick L2 asset built by and for Ethereum developers, outpaces Arbitrum (ARB), a unique layer-2 solution that enhances transaction speed and scalability with daily L2 transactions. As the cryptocurrency community seeks more scalable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional blockchains, DigiToads (TOADS) is the rising star in this narrative.

If you’re a meme coin enthusiast, DigiToads is a must-have. The token offers valuable features that empower investors to generate passive income. The rapid growth of the TOADS presale, which has been making headlines, indicates the project’s immense growth potential. This feat has made it the best ICO token in the meme coin community.

This article explains why DigiToads is making waves in the meme coin community despite Optimism’s daily Layer-2 transaction rates surpassing Arbitrum’s.

DigiToads (TOADS): The frog ruling the meme coin community

DigiToads is a high-utility meme coin that seeks to impact users’ lives by offering multifaceted uses. Since the start of its presale, the project has disrupted the space, gaining widespread attention from investors. The TOADS presale is in its final stage, with the Lilypad 10 going for a token price of $0.05. More than 375 million DigiToads (TOADS) tokens have been purchased, with over $6.6 million raised. This feat shows DigiToads is more than a meme coin born from hype. TOADS continues to make waves in the meme coin community as the best ICO token in the market.

TOADS interactive play-to-earn game makes it one of the best cryptos to buy now. The ecosystem offers an exciting Web3 game that allows users to train and battle with digital pets called DigiToads. DigiToads offers 12 gaming seasons a year, and the top 25% of players gain monthly rewards in TOADS tokens. The P2E game is one of many features on the platform. Some other distinct features of DigiToads include NFT staking, Trading competitions, the Toads trading school, and Environmental projects.


Optimism (OP): The L2 token ensures lightning-fast transactions

Optimism, a project enabling affordable and speedy Ethereum transactions, recently recorded a surge in daily transactions, outpacing Arbitrum. OP’s network activity spike is primarily due to Worldcoin’s (WLD) launch. Worldcoin is a crypto project that comes as a solution to poor online authentication and income inequality.

Following the launch of its World App, Worldcoin decided to move the launch to Optimism. Worldcoin’s decision was a switch from the platform’s original plan to launch the app on the Polygon Network. This development proved strategic for OP, as users could now leverage and access better opportunities, causing a sharp increase in the token’s daily transactions. The token’s features, coupled with its recent upgrade, have given it an advantage over Arbitrum.

Arbitrum (ARB): Boosting fast transactions and user privacy on the Ethereum blockchain

Arbitrum is a widely accepted L2 cryptocurrency designed to enhance transaction speed, network privacy, and scalability on the Ethereum blockchain. It was introduced in August 2021 solely to reduce the high gas fees on Ethereum. In March 2023, the platform released its ARB token in an AirDrop that caught the market. Before the AirDrop, Arbitrum had been operating without a native coin.

Recently, the tides turned as Optimism outpaced Arbitrum in daily L2 transactions. This development shocked crypto enthusiasts, as OP had never caught up to ARB in everyday transactions. Though Arbitrum saw a huge demand spike at the time of its AirDrop, there had been a decline in token activity. 


Optimism’s impressive feat of outpacing Arbitrum in daily L2 transactions has caused a stir as investors seek reliable and scalable solutions. DigiToads answers this call by providing a unique ecosystem where investors can secure their investments and increase returns. TOADS ability to offer a multidimensional approach to investment in the meme coin community makes it one of the best cryptos to buy now. 

As the token nears the end of its presale, investors who failed to get TOADS at the early presale prices are making a bull run to secure their stake in the project. Once the presale ends, early backers anticipate a 450% return on investment. Get DigiToads now!

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