Optimism streamlines L3 onboarding with gas tokens and plasma mode

To facilitate the integration of Layer 3 developers into its Superchain network, Optimism will shortly introduce two innovative features: customized gas tokens and plasma mode.

The implementation of the newly added features will streamline the registration process for L3s utilizing the OP Stack and foster a sense of community within the Optimism ecosystem.

As per Optimism, projects seeking to develop an L3 service will have the option of utilizing their present L2 token for gas fees. The company anticipates that this feature will help ease the process of shifting communities from L2 to L3 while also lowering prices.

The positioning of customized gas tokens will commence in the coming days. The company aims to offer an alternative data accessibility opportunity via plasma mode, which is a critical requirement for developers seeking to implement cost-effective supply chains.

The need to forward transactions to L2 instead of the Ethereum mainnet significantly reduces the prices associated with data commitments and throughput roots. The lower prices help L3s have more options for positioning on the OP Stack.

According to Optimism team members, the introduction of Redstone, the initial OP Stack Chain with plasma mode, demonstrates the feature’s potential for allowing greater output applications. In this scenario, there is no requirement for fresh programming languages.

Optimism is still involved in developing plasma mode for incorporating various DA layers. The goal of the company regarding Superchain is to build a network of chains that share an open-source tech stack and offer earnings to the Optimism Collective. 

Trevor Holman

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